Awesome / Coronation Street

  • In the episode shown on 13 January 2011: Deirdre has a go at Claire for attacking Tracy. Gail, David and Graham instantly spring to Claire's defence, giving the Barlows a collective Breaking Speech with such lines as:
    David: Pity she didn't finish the job! Give the girl a medal, that's what I say!
    Deirdre starts crying and calls them a lynch mob. David's response?
    David: Hey, now you're talking! Knock some gallows up! Anybody got a washing line?
    Deirdre leaves in tears.
  • The episode shown on December 17 2010: The whole episode was fantastic because, at long last, after his affair with Molly Dobbs, Kevin Webster finally got exactly what he deserved. His entire family no longer wanted anything to do with him, all of Weatherfield talked about what a creep he was and he got a long overdue beating. Tyrone punching Kevin in the face at Molly's funeral after finding out that he's baby Jack's father is especially satisfying to watch, considering that Kevin's been an even bigger arsehole lately.
  • The episode shown 17 November 2011: Rosie and Sally start bitching about Fiz's husband's criminal record. Cue Chesney coming out of nowhere (perhaps hidden from view behind Fiz) to defend his sister.
  • The episode shown September 18 2012 (in Canada at least): Tina finally took down Kirsty and had her about to reveal that Kirsty beat Tyrone and was a lying and manipulative person. Then Kirsty, who was 9 months pregnant at the time, went into labour.
  • Natasha's exit from the street had her Rescued from the Scrappy Heap for many. For the context, she had gotten pregnant with Nick's baby and been rejected by him. But he had changed his mind, just after she'd had an abortion, so she pretended she was still pregnant. Gail had been suspicious that she was never pregnant and hacked into her records to discover the abortion (which is kind of illegal). After recovering from an intentional overdose of sleeping pills, Natasha grew a much-needed backbone. First she chewed Nick out in front of everyone at the factory for only staying with her because he couldn't have Leanne - also telling the women Nick's Embarrassing Nicknames for them. Rounding things off, she walked into the medical center and announced to Dr Carter about Gail hacking into her medical records. When Gail tries to invoke I Did What I Had to Do, Dr Carter promptly fires her in front of everyone.
    Natasha: "Ooh, back of the net!"
  • One for the production team: One of the episodes aired on Christmas in 1991 started early and showed Alf Roberts sitting down to watch the Queen's Christmas Message - which the network aired a few minutes later, switching back to Corrie when it was done.
  • During Hayley's last Christmas when she was given a complimentary hairdo from Maria at the salon (complete with a few streaks), Tracy proceeded to make fun of it and saying how out of style it was. She fired back saying how no one truly loved her, even pointing out how both her daughter and her kidney were among those who rejected her. Shocked and hurt, she stormed off nearly in tears.