Awesome / Copper

  • Corcoran just had his leg broken but he still manages to use a hidden knife to stab his interrogator, grab the man's gun and force his attackers to leave his house.
  • Despite having a broken leg and being in an extreme amount of pain Corcoran manages to climb to a second story window and then ambush and kill Haverford and the Contessa
  • Corcoran and his partners are escorting a chest full of money when they are ambushed by a street gang who want the money as well as revenge on Corcoran for killing their leader's brother. Anticipating this Corcoran bribed another gang into letting the coppers pass through their territory unmolested. However, the other gang double-crosses Corcoran and while it lets the coppers live, it takes the money for itself. Turns out Corcoran anticipated this so the chest was empty and the money was hidden in Robert Morehouse's fake leg.
  • Morehouse single-handedly taking on the Rebel plot to burn New York. Compounded by his status as a Handicapped Badass — if he'd been caught in the act, even by one or two men, there's almost no chance he would have gotten away unharmed. However, once he pulls of his act of sabotage, the conspirators are not likely to suspect that he would destroy the explosives he just paid ten thousand dollars for.
  • Annie taking down Buzzy Burns with a frying pan.. Note that this is a guy who took on Corcoran, Eva and O'Brian all at the same time and managed to escape, a CMOA in and of itself.
  • A triple crowner occurs with Sarah at the end of "The Children of the Battlefield." Sarah, after spending the entire first season so terrified after what happened to her brothers, she was almost a complete recluse. At the end of the episode, staring out at the lamppost they were lynched from, she simply says, "No more." Grabbing an ax, she goes outside and starts hacking at the lamppost. Being made of metal, this didn't work. Sarah then proceeds to go at it with her bare hands, and (with the help of Matthew and half a dozen random bystanders,) rips the lamppost out of the ground. Awesome by itself, it was also Heartwarming to see Sarah start to heal, and it was oddly funny to watch random strangers help rip a lamppost out of the ground without even asking what was going on (granted, they were black men, so they probably knew why she was doing it, but still.)