Heartwarming / Coronation Street

  • When Jack Duckworth died, Vera's spirit came back to guide him to heaven, nagging at him to get a move on. They dance to the romantic record Jack has playing before moving on.
  • Tyrone Dobbs letting Tommy Duckworth live with him after he arrived looking for Jack, several months after his grandfather's death (Tommy was overseas at the time, and couldn't be contacted). For the simple reason that Jack and Vera treated Tyrone like their own son, so he saw Tommy as family.
  • Gloria Price giving her daughter Stella all of her £80,000 inheritance (from Eric's will) so that Stella could finish off the rebuilding of the Rovers Return.
    • Leanne giving Stella the remaining money for pub fixtures, even though she had earlier denied her any money unless Stella broke up with Karl.
  • Rosie may be a ditz but she will stand up for Sophie and Sian if anyone insults them
  • Similarly how Sian and Sophie stand up for each other
  • Will They or Won't They? aside, the friendship between Bethany Platt and Craig Tinker is strong and has its share of heartwarming moments during Bethany's bullying and sex abuse story lines.