Nightmare Fuel / Coronation Street

  • Anne Malone's death in 1998 when she was accidentally locked in the cold storage freezer in Fresco's while trying to set up Alma and Spider by tampering with the food products, after previously setting up Curly and then trying to shift the blame to Alma after Anne's falsely told he actually loves her. Her constantly calling for the security guard and banging on the door as she slowly froze to death was particularly disturbing.
  • As awesome and memorable as Richard Hillman was, you have to admit the circumstances around the murder of Maxine Peacock in 2003 was horrifying. She came home to check in on her infant son for a moment, she finds Emily (who was babysitting the boy) slumped over and bleeding profusely from a Tap on the Head, she sees Richard holding a crowbar in his hand, asks him what he was doing, to which he replies "You should have stayed at the party, Maxine." She then hears her son crying, she cries out and tries to run up to him, but he tackles her and proceeds to beat her to death in her own living room with her baby upstairs and while her husband and her mother at the latter's 50th birthday party none the wiser. And yes, she was left Dies Wide Open.