Awesome / Charlie Wilson's War

  • Charlie's description of how he got into politics after a neighbor killed his dog.
    Charlie Wilson: ...and then I remembered Mr Hazard was an elected official, he was the head of the town council. His re-election every two years was a foregone conclusion. So come election day I drove over to the black section of town—now these people hadnít voted in any of these elections. I filled up my car with black voters and drove them to the polling place and waited and drove 'em on home, but before they got out of the car I said "I donít mean to influence you, but I think you should know that Mr Charles Hazard intentionally killed my dog." About 400 ballots were cast in that election. I drove 96 of them to the polls. Hazard lost by 16 votes. And that's the day I fell in love with America.
  • Gust telling off Cravely for insulting not just him but every immigrant and child of an immigrant who works for the CIA. Doubles as a Funny Moment thanks to Phillip Seymour Hoffman's brilliantly outraged-yet-slightly-deranged portrayal. Then he smashes the window for a second time and walks off triumphantly.