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Awesome: Battle of the Bulge
  • General Grey and Lt. Col. Kiley, trying to think of any weakness in the German advance.
    General Grey: They've made mistakes before. Where've they made one this time?
    Lt. Colonel Kiley: Well, they got me mad at them.
  • Major Wolenski standing up to Hessler.
    Wolenski: You listen to me Colonel, there are survivors in all massacres. And I warn you, if any of my men are harmed, you will be held responsible. There'll be no place on this earth that you can hide, and when you're found, I hope I'm the man that ties the rope around your neck!
  • While speaking to the German soldiers disguised as Army M.P.s at the supply camp, Lieutenant Weaver recognizes them from the Amblève (which earlier led his and the Sargent's capture, and the Sargent's eventual death). Needless to say, the lieutenant is more than happy to settle the score.
    Weaver: (in a sarcastic tone) Does the road to Amblève still lead to Malmedy? (quickly shoots all the imposters)
  • Shortly after taking out the fake M.P.s, Weaver sees Hessler leading a column of tanks to the depot to secure the gasoline. So Weaver gives it to him.

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