Trivia / Battle of the Bulge

  • California Doubling: The whole film is shot in Spain. This is a particularly unfortunate case of California Doubling as Spain looks absolutely nothing like the snowy Ardennes forest of Belgium.
  • Deleted Scene: According to The Other Wiki there are a couple of scenes that were deleted from specific versions of the movie. The one scene that was completely deleted from VHS and DVD releases has Hessler getting shot at by a young boy who was then captured. The boy's father shows up and begs for mercy. Naturally, the boy was spared, but the father was executed.
    • It must have been some versions of the DVD as the widescreen version seems to include the scene.
  • Disowned Adaptation: Sort of; Dwight D. Eisenhower hated the movie so much that he disapproved it in a press conference.