Awesome / AC/DC

  • Angus Young playing "Thunderstruck"'s main riff with only one hand in the song's music video.
    • Funnily enough, for some people this is easier to play, as the intro is mostly hammer-ons/pull-offs.
  • The fact that they managed to respond to Bon Scott's death with the second best-selling album of all time, bested only by Michael Jackson's Thriller and only because of sales outside of the U.S., and that album rocked (Hells Bells comes to mind).
    • Expanding on "Hells Bells": it opens with what sounds like funeral bells (referencing the death of Bon Scott). Then suddenly the Young brothers and the rhythm section come in with an Epic Riff, and Brian Johnson makes his debut with the epic lyric "I'm rolling thunder, pouring rain. I'm coming on like a hurricane."
  • Making bagpipes sound cool with "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock n' Roll)".
  • It's impossible to listen to the title track of Back in Black without feeling like a badass.