Anime: Seven of Seven

Seven of Seven (七人のナナ Shichinin no Nana) is an anime series that debuted in 2002. It's what happens when you let Yasuhiro Imagawa (Giant Robo, Mobile Fighter G Gundam) create a Shoujo series.

Nana Suzuki is an ordinary schoolgirl with a crush on one Yuichi Kamichika. One day, while trying to bake a cake for Yuichi, she stumbles on her scientist grandfather's secret experiment to separate the light of a rainbow into seven crystals. Naturally, the experiment goes awry, and splits Nana into seven versions of herself, each with her own matching rainbow crystal. Now, Nana must find a way to integrate the crystals together, or else all seven of her will vanish.

The Seven Nanas are:
  • Nana: The Original, or possibly the Responsible Nana. She uses the blue crystal.
  • Nanappe: The Bokukko Nana. She uses the red crystal.
  • Nanakko: The Slacker Nana. She uses the orange crystal.
  • Nanacchi: The Cheerful Nana. She uses the yellow crystal.
  • Nanarin: The cry-baby Gamer Chick Nana. She uses the yellow-green crystal.
  • Nanasama: The Bookworm Nana. She uses the green crystal.
  • Nanapon: The Weird Nana. She uses the purple crystal.

This show features these tropes:

Alternative Title(s):

Shichinin No Nana, Seven Of Seven