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''Seven of Seven'' (七人のナナ Shichinin no Nana) is an anime series that debuted in 2002. It's what happens when you let Yasuhiro Imagawa (''Manga/GiantRobo'', ''Anime/MobileFighterGGundam'') create a {{Shoujo}} series.

Nana Suzuki is an ordinary schoolgirl with a crush on one Yuichi Kamichika. One day, while trying to [[ThroughHisStomach bake a cake for Yuichi]], she stumbles on her scientist grandfather's secret experiment to separate the light of a rainbow into seven crystals. Naturally, the experiment goes awry, and [[LiteralSplitPersonality splits Nana into seven versions of herself]], each with her own matching rainbow crystal. Now, Nana must find a way to integrate the crystals together, or else all seven of her will vanish.

The Seven Nanas are:
* '''Nana''': The Original, or possibly the Responsible Nana. She uses the blue crystal.
* '''Nanappe''': The {{Bokukko}} Nana. She uses the red crystal.
* '''Nanakko''': TheSlacker Nana. She uses the orange crystal.
* '''Nanacchi''': The [[GenkiGirl Cheerful]] Nana. She uses the yellow crystal.
* '''Nanarin''': The cry-baby GamerChick Nana. She uses the yellow-green crystal.
* '''Nanasama''': The {{Bookworm}} Nana. She uses the green crystal.
* '''Nanapon''': The [[CloudCuckoolander Weird]] Nana. She uses the purple crystal.

''Not the be confused with the manga/anime ''Manga/{{Nana}}.

!!This show features these tropes:

* BalloonBelly: Nana in the DVD episode.
* BookDumb: All of the Nanas, save Nanasama.
* BunglingInventor: Nana's grandfather.
* CloningBlues
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: The seven Nanas.
* CrossOver: Mutsumi and the Hinata's house ghost, who had already appeared in the ''Manga/SgtFrog'' manga, made their first animated appearance in the Seven Of Seven anime.
** On the other hand, Melody Honey, who debuted in this series, goes on to appear in both ''Sgt. Frog'' and ''Manga/ArcadeGamerFubuki''.
* TheDividual: In addition to the main character(s); her classmates Megumi Hayashiba, Erino Kogarashi, and Motoko Morinuma are often together and speak at the same time.
* EvilTwin: An eighth Nana, '''Jamanana'''. In the manga, [[GenkiGirl Nanacchi]], of all the Nanas, was the [[{{Jerkass}} mean]] one.
* FanService: Interestingly, the series is not too Fanservice-ey until the ''very'' last episode 26, "Its New Years!7x7=49 Nanas?" which had OvernightAgeUp and ClothingDamage
* {{Flight}}: The Nanas can fly.
* [[HenshinHero Henshin Heroines]]: Their crystals turn a group of Sentai costumes in legitimate Nanaranger suits.
* HiveMind: The six other Nanas tend to act as one person.
* HotterAndSexier: The manga.
* HypnoPendulum: Nanapon used her prism as one of these in an episode. She even accidentally [[{{Hypno Fool}} hypnotizes herself]] when trying to teach the original Nana how to perform hypnosis.
* LightEmUp: Teardrop Special
* LiteralSplitPersonality
* MesACrowd
* NumericalThemeNaming: Not only does Nana's name translate to "seven" in Japanese, but her family members also have names that partially include words or kanji that also mean numbers: Her mother is Mitsuko (mitsu is a counter meaning 3), her father is Goro (go means 5), and her grandfather is Rokuzo (roku is 6). Even the boy she has a crush on, Yuichi, has a number in his name (ichi is 1).
* RainbowMotif: With indigo switched out for yellow-green.
* RedOniBlueOni: Nanappe is hot-tempered, violent, and wields the red crystal. Regular Nana is much more calm, rational, and level-headed, and wields the blue crystal.
* {{Sentai}}: The seven Nanas can become the seven Nanarangers.
* SevenIsNana
* SnowMeansLove: Valentines Day was very snowy in the first episode.
* TwoGirlsAndAGuy: Nana, Hitomi, and Yuichi in the manga, where the three are childhood friends.
* ZettaiRyouki: All of the Nanas.