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Episode 35

Timecode: 2:45: A cutscene from Jung Rhythm, a rhythm game for the Sega Saturn. It shows how a young lady is rescued from an ax-wielding brute by the guitar-wielding Jung King, whom the lady has a crush on. But as it turns out, it was All Just a Dream, as she is awakened by her alarm clock. She sits up and suddenly freaks out as three pigs wearing sunglasses appear before her. One is standing before a mic stand, another is just wearing headphones, and the other is holding a boombox.

As a Saturn game, the CGI is cartoonish and rough but psychedelically colorful.

6:13: A Survival Horror montage featuring Ghosthunter, Silent Hill and 3, The Room, and Haunting Ground. The montage's music has a decrepit and sad sound, fitting for most of the games featured. The way they edited the clips together to hint at The Reveal in SH3 is a neat touch.

7:57: "Fukuro", a "bonus video" from The Silent Hill Experience UMD. This was basically a promotional tie-in with the Silent Hill movie, that had a few odd and disturbing bonuses on it.

"Fukuro" (which is apparently Japanese for "sack" or "sack-like object") is a horrifying sexualized nightmare as only Silent Hill can bring you. The music invokes the sounds of screaming and moaning - nothing suggestive here, no, sir! The notorious Pyramid Head is the "star" of the show, which has lots of gory, meat-inspired images and backgrounds. There are strange Freudian images of tongues. Eventually, Pyramid Head decides to drag a Lying Figure around in a strange nod to Valtiel from SH3.

I was incredibly excited to see "Fukuro" at first, because I thought that I was maybe seeing a new Silent Hill game (E 3 was right around the corner at the time). Sadly, this was not the case.

11:46: B.L.U.E.: Legend of Water, a PS 1 game by Hudson with an aquatic theme. The intro keeps things vague, with phrases like "through the gate", "child of the dinosaur", "who am I?", "beyond the sea", "truth and answer", "lost civilization", "unknown world", "first observation", "last selection", and "ancient city" hinting at the game's premise. Eventually, they show a young blond girl floating inside of a bubble. The phrase, "she is having visions" appears as she is suddenly shown as a young woman. She could be the member of the lost civilization, and has the ability to communicate with dolphins. A gameplay clip shows her pushing a boulder off of a scuba diver with the help of a dolphin.

The graphics are pretty rough even for a PS 1 game.

19:52: An abridged version of the credits for the joke DOG Ending of Silent Hill 2, which was originally featured on X-Play before it sucked. As Silent Hill endings go, it's rather cute, featuring a theme song of a dog barking. The credits are much more interesting than in the other endings, with cute gags like animation loops and glitches (which the PS3 version of The Silent Hill HD Collection apparently made canon), and images of James' head on a buff body and Maria's head on the body of a woman in a pink bikini leaning over seductively. There's also the image where a pizza slides over the gut of visibly overweight Eddie Dombrowski. I remember how Morgan Webb asked, in a fit of confusion, "What does the pizza mean?!"

It can only mean that the pizza was behind it all, of course!


Yeah, all 3 of the Silent Hill Experience music videos are creepy as all hell. Kinda makes you glad that they didn't make any more beyond that. XD
nomuru2d 5th Apr 12