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The Preps almost suceed again

Chapter 11 Conflict And so the thrilling chase between Corrupted Self and Linda continues.

This chapter begins with Linda in a bad mood because B'Loody Mary Hermion wuz cheating on her good frend Diabolo instead of the fact that she's a fugitive, her enemies include Complete Monsters ready to subject her to a Fate Worse Than Death, and that a Diabolus ex Machina can emerge at any moment. You see, personal business is more important than any of those. She goes to the spot where she regularly met up with B'loody Mary,leaving her Goff companions to weather prep attacks in her abscence.

Bl'oody Mary knew that Lidna knew that she was cheating She had Telekenesis! and she wrethfully howled sexily, "You shud stay out of my lief.!" Not liking the Genre Shift to Soap Opera here, Author.

Linda uses her variation of the Cruciatus Curse at her. What a way to keep your allies, Linda! Now she will never make a Face–Heel Turn and join your enemies!. Mary yells about how goffik her new lover is, and then fanished, with lots of ashes cuvering hur ezcape. This of course doesn't pertub Linda, who wastes time better served finding a new goffik refuge for her and her harem tracking down B'loody Mary to the Ravenclaw dome. Apparently, miss 'Hermion' changed houses after Ravenclaw got it's own seperate building. Linda could feel ubergoffik evil energy of stan in the air, whuever hur boyfriend was was a bad, evil boy.

That doesn't sound good. Linda smashes the door and The door went, "I am smashed." Yet another helpless casualty in Linda's personal conflict. And so she entered the door.

Inside she saw Mary. But Mary was sexing Instead of preparing defenses against her former best friend , and Linda screamed when she saw hu that Mary was sexing.

She wuz sexing...Joran Vanderslout! Nasty piece of work, that one. Go stick to fictional characters, Pod Replacement!

Lidna screamed, "To Imprisonio!" And the evil man went to Azakaban! As the Dementors are likely to be on the side of the preps (Vlodimort or Corrupted Self, if they aren't working together), you just gave them a new minion. Good Job.

Mary then flies out of Hogwarts and meets with Corrupted Self, to no one's surprise.

He sed as Dumblider's Alzheimers arrivd, "You wann reveng aginst Lidnana amirite?" Oviously!

Mary sed, "Yeh, she messed up my evil love with the evilest man alive, I will have evil revenge, EVIL!" Then the Real Hermione snuck up from behind and bashed her head in while the Real Harry and Ron fought against Corrupted Self and Dumblidore's Alzheimers.

But she wuz not bein' Mary, becuz she wuz posessed by...evil Nazi demons from space led by George W. Bush. Author's Saving Throw! Apparently, legitimate provocations aren't enough to spark a Face–Heel Turn for her.

The bad guyz all evil laughed. And then Britney repoted taht Lidna wuz emoshunally draned She would have been emotionally drained earlier if you just kept chasing her instead of giving her time to recover enough to pursue personal conflicts and that it wud by VERY preppy to attak now...and they DID!

The bad guyz used acid boms to blast Gyrfidner dorm, Even though Linda was at Ravenclaw but Lidna used reflect, which did the refelcting and made the bad guyz retreating. Captain Obvious much.

Aizen watched and sed, "Exactely as planned." He revived Bulldozer as an Arrienkar.

Menwhile, at Hogzmede, Lidna, Who was using B'loody Mary's stolen Time Turner to go back in time to protect her friends while her past self was conducting her personal business in a rare display of Intelligence Dracola, Vampire, and Not-Blaze went to a Good Charlotte cocert, but it was NOT Good Charlotte playing! Let me guess, it was... Vlodimort and the Death Dealers!

No, they were kikked off stage by Vlodemort and the Death Dealers, See? who had help in upstaging anoter purson's act from...KANYE WEST who is a jackass. As anyone who has read the 'Disgraces' section on Trope Pantheons can attest.

Vlodemort shouted at Lidna, "Kill Vampire or thou shalt suffer greatly, for I shalt slay Drako Malfoy if you don't." Umm, Dracola is Linda's primary interest now, not Draco. Choose him instead. Vlodemort than took Draco in bondage and played a song called The World will Be Conquered by Voldimorte. And Linda was too busy listening to the song that she didn't formulate a plan to take Draco back. How Like Her.

He then left. Lidna cried tearz of bluud. Then the Real Hogwarts Characters killed her and freed themselves. The End.

((OOC:Finished! Another great chapter, Nick. The second half was my favourite.))