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Page Action: The Wesley
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At issue:
The Wesley as a trope has a number of issues.

  • It is named after a character in an aging work.
  • It fails the One Mario Limit.
  • The Trope Namer is not solely known for the aspect described by this trope.
  • It is partially dependent for its definition on Shilling The Wesley, a trope that bases its definition on this one.
  • It is continually confused with The Scrappy.
  • The term "Wesley" as used in this context is a TV Tropes creation and is not in widespread use outside the wiki.
  • There is significant misuse in the form of wicks that refer to the character that is the Trope Namer.

  • It has 927 wicks and 25,433 inbounds, so we must preserve the title (via redirect at least).

Note: Shilling The Wesley has a companion TRS thread and crowner here.
This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.
+16 (yeas:22 nays:6)
Merge with Shilling The Wesley and rename the combined trope (one suggested title is Creator's Pet, a current redirect to Shilling The Wesley). Make the combined trope require both that the character is The Scrappy and is shilled by the work's creator(s).

Note: This is also a crowner option for the TRS thread for Shilling The Wesley.
-5 (yeas:5 nays:10)
Example Sectionectomy: Remove all examples, preserving the definition.
-6 (yeas:4 nays:10)
Redefine The Wesley to clarify the concept, keeping the current name.
-7 (yeas:4 nays:11)
Cut List The Wesley as being too subjective to be tropable.
-8 (yeas:5 nays:13)
Do nothing. The trope is fine as-is.
-12 (yeas:1 nays:13)
Rename The Wesley and retain the current definition.
Total number: 6. Number shown: 6.

Total number of votes: 104

The Villain Sucks SongThe Wesley The Woobie
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