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Page Action: Petting Zoo People
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Funny Animal is narrowed to:

  • Type 3: A Funny Animal has all the mannerisms of a human character and could be replaced with a human and the plot would be nearly identical, but at least visually retains the build and/or proportions of the actual animal. Examples include Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Porky Pig, and Daffy Duck.

Petting Zoo People splits into:

  • Type 2: Petting Zoo People (20-70% or Kemono; NNF) is a type of animal character whose design is basically an animal's head, tail (if the species has one), skin, fur, feather, or scale coloring and pattern, and even feet stuck on a fur covered (feathered in the case of birds and scaly in the case of reptiles) human body. They may also feature some degree of pawpads and/or claws instead of bare palms and fingernails. Feet can be either digitgrade (or more animal-like) or plantigrade (or more human-like). Examples include Minerva Mink, the Star Fox cast, Florence (Freefall), and Rouge the Bat.
  • Type 1: A Barely Bestial Being (19.9% or less or Kemonomimi; NNF) is a person with animal characteristics, often of the 10% variety: the ears and tail of their matching animal. Additional features, such as abilities, claws, horns and instincts, may apply. Could pass for human with a few articles of clothing. Examples include: Son Goku (Dragonball), Inugami Kotarou (Negima), and Wolf (10th Kingdom).

New page created: Petting Zoo People is split into two articles that describe the different types.
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  • Funny Animal is left alone.

  • Petting Zoo People is soft-split into:
    • Type 1: people with slight animal traits, people with some animal characteristics such as ears and tail, but could pass for human with a hat and coat.
    • Type 2: people with major animal traits such as animal heads, or paws, but most of their body is humanoid. Examples include a wide range of anthropomorphisation. Usually have furry or scaly or feathered (as opposed to fleshy) bodies.

No new page created: Petting Zoo People description refined to more clearly describe two different types.

(No massive mess of wicks. Funny Animal will still need to be cleaned up from the large amount of misuse.)
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PettankoPetting Zoo People Phantom Thief
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