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Danny Phantom
Best Episode
Best Episode: Danny Phantom
This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.
At issue:
+100 (yeas:105 nays:5)
The Ultimate Enemy
+21 (yeas:24 nays:3)
My Brother's Keeper
+15 (yeas:16 nays:1)
Fanning the Flames
+12 (yeas:13 nays:1)
Bitter Reunions
+12 (yeas:16 nays:4)
Reign Storm
+8 (yeas:9 nays:1)
Public Enemies
+6 (yeas:7 nays:1)
Shades of Gray
+5 (yeas:6 nays:1)
Maternal Instinct
+5 (yeas:6 nays:1)
The Fright Before Christmas
+4 (yeas:5 nays:1)
Eye For An Eye
+4 (yeas:5 nays:1)
Flirting With Disaster
+4 (yeas:4 nays:0)
Control Freaks
+4 (yeas:4 nays:0)
Kindred Spirits
+1 (yeas:15 nays:14)
Phantom Planet
+2 (yeas:4 nays:2)
Infinite Realms
+2 (yeas:3 nays:1)
Reality Trip
+2 (yeas:3 nays:1)
Memory Blank
+1 (yeas:2 nays:1)
What You Want
+1 (yeas:1 nays:0)
The Fenton Menace
+1 (yeas:1 nays:0)
Prisoners Of Love
0 (yeas:2 nays:2)
Girls' Night Out
0 (yeas:0 nays:0)
Double Cross My Heart
Total number: 22. Number shown: 22.
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Total number of votes: 292

Danny Phantom
Best Episode

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