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new postpinnedComic Book Recommendations60Mon, 8th Dec '14 4:20:14 AM
new postShould we really Beware the Superman?77 Fri, 19th Dec '14 10:42:43 PM
new postMarvel-DC Merged Universe Community Project...1,012 Fri, 19th Dec '14 9:40:04 PM
new postMarvel Comics General10,380 Fri, 19th Dec '14 9:39:16 PM
new postX-Men In General3,344 Fri, 19th Dec '14 4:16:50 PM
new postMy Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Comics2,312 Fri, 19th Dec '14 3:34:00 PM
new postAre we cynical about superheroes?41 Fri, 19th Dec '14 9:51:02 AM
new postSuperman General519Thu, 18th Dec '14 4:18:35 PM
new postSpider-Man General Discussion5,397Thu, 18th Dec '14 8:21:37 AM
new postDC Comics General221Tue, 16th Dec '14 5:52:52 PM
new postFavourite comic book artists25Tue, 16th Dec '14 5:18:39 PM
new postSadly forgotten comic strips3Sun, 14th Dec '14 3:26:15 PM
new postLi'l Abner 5Sun, 14th Dec '14 3:17:30 PM
new postSuperman192Sun, 14th Dec '14 3:08:50 PM
new postWorlds Unite: Sonic and Mega Man crossover. Again,26Fri, 12th Dec '14 5:34:58 PM
new postYour perfect ''League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'' team70Thu, 11th Dec '14 7:19:11 PM
new postDC Convergence57Wed, 10th Dec '14 5:36:05 PM
new postSuperman VS Batman132Sat, 6th Dec '14 7:21:18 PM
new post"The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl" Ongoing Series57Fri, 5th Dec '14 2:20:29 PM
new postAtomic Robo15Wed, 3rd Dec '14 9:42:23 AM
new postAmerican Vampire Question2Mon, 1st Dec '14 2:31:55 PM
new postMultiversity73Thu, 27th Nov '14 10:37:22 PM
new postSuperboy Prime63Tue, 25th Nov '14 8:12:04 PM
new post"Attack On Marvel?": Attack On Titan/Marvel Crossover155Thu, 20th Nov '14 10:06:01 AM
new postHas "The Modern Age of Comic Books" ended? 46Tue, 18th Nov '14 7:04:35 PM
new postAnalysis of the Joker15Mon, 10th Nov '14 5:04:27 PM
new postBatman General Discussion594Sat, 8th Nov '14 1:41:00 PM
new postMister Miracle2Thu, 6th Nov '14 10:24:30 PM
new postNo real argument for Thou Shalt Not Kill?122Wed, 5th Nov '14 12:20:42 AM
new postDarkwing Duck Comics Series Being Rebooted/Continued9Mon, 3rd Nov '14 3:43:02 PM
new postIncredible Hulk28Mon, 3rd Nov '14 5:22:23 AM
new postThe New IDW/Nickelodeon TMNT Comic (Spoilers Inside!)20Thu, 30th Oct '14 9:37:59 AM
new postChatterbox- Comic Books535Wed, 29th Oct '14 12:51:28 PM
new postDowntime Issues of Superhero Comics10Tue, 28th Oct '14 3:30:19 PM
new postThe Disney Comics Thread88Sat, 25th Oct '14 12:10:36 AM
new postWinsor McCay (Little Nemo and so on)2Sat, 25th Oct '14 12:07:13 AM
new postSkylanders Comic by IDW4Fri, 24th Oct '14 2:27:44 PM
new postKrazy Kat4Fri, 24th Oct '14 1:36:14 PM
new postSuper Secret Crisis Wars: Cartoon Network Crossover by IDW27Fri, 24th Oct '14 12:58:29 PM
new postMadefire vs. Comixology1Fri, 24th Oct '14 3:44:37 AM
new postDisney Kingdoms: Theme Park Rides Become Comics5Thu, 23rd Oct '14 7:30:18 AM
new postDoes anyone else dislike the way Marvel and DC handle continuity?19Mon, 20th Oct '14 5:33:46 AM
new postArchie meets Predator8Sat, 18th Oct '14 6:20:53 PM
new postBone21Thu, 16th Oct '14 9:03:06 PM
new postA primer on French-Belgian comics57Wed, 15th Oct '14 10:54:01 AM
new postDC Rebooting Universe8,908Mon, 13th Oct '14 1:37:28 PM
new postPolice in the comic book worlds18Fri, 10th Oct '14 6:36:46 PM
new postFanboys vs. Zombies7Wed, 1st Oct '14 5:17:24 PM
new postfables...28Wed, 1st Oct '14 11:02:29 AM
new postCartoons in Periodicals and the Like1Tue, 30th Sep '14 1:14:17 PM
new postThe He-Man comics4Thu, 25th Sep '14 7:46:41 AM
new postIDW Samurai Jack comic6Wed, 24th Sep '14 1:17:12 PM
new postArchie Sonic General Discussion306Tue, 23rd Sep '14 3:31:33 AM
new postValiant Comics relaunch in 2012, Thoughts??28Fri, 19th Sep '14 8:19:05 PM
new postWho would win? (Comic book edition)157Fri, 19th Sep '14 11:06:17 AM
new postSandman Vs. American Gods3Thu, 18th Sep '14 8:22:26 PM
new postSwap a Marvel Character and a DC Character1Tue, 9th Sep '14 7:45:41 PM
new post90's anti-hero done right?39Sun, 7th Sep '14 5:18:28 AM
new postComic Universe Rebooting Brainstorming Thread26Sun, 24th Aug '14 12:18:07 PM
new postThe Horror of the Healing Factor31Thu, 21st Aug '14 10:06:31 PM
new postGhost Rider General Discussion3Thu, 21st Aug '14 9:41:41 PM
new postThe comics that inspired Arrow (or Green Arrow in general)35Wed, 20th Aug '14 10:31:38 AM
new postDeath Vigil3Wed, 13th Aug '14 9:55:11 AM
new postTorn between DC and Marvel22Wed, 13th Aug '14 8:08:41 AM
new postAvatar The Last Airbender - The Search82Sun, 10th Aug '14 2:55:02 PM
new postMiracleman/Marvelman29Fri, 8th Aug '14 6:31:08 PM
new postY: The Last Man (comic book series)8Fri, 1st Aug '14 1:59:39 PM
new postGreatest Martial Artists28Thu, 31st Jul '14 2:45:08 AM
new postDC Comics' Corny-ness vs. Marvel Comics' Cynacism54Sun, 27th Jul '14 3:15:39 AM
new postRed Hood and the Outlaws25Thu, 24th Jul '14 2:18:14 PM
new postVB reads Viz4Tue, 15th Jul '14 9:51:39 AM
new postJames Gordon, Jr., Damian Wayne, and Continuity12Mon, 14th Jul '14 5:33:02 PM
new postIf the Color Corps moved into the Marvel Universe...12Thu, 10th Jul '14 2:33:43 AM
new postAquaman - advice needed20Fri, 4th Jul '14 4:31:53 AM
new postVB reads Spider-Man1Wed, 2nd Jul '14 3:55:44 PM
new postSuske en Wiske: The saga unfolds19Tue, 1st Jul '14 2:50:21 PM
new postMarvel/DC's Big Three vs their most popular/iconic heroes34Mon, 30th Jun '14 3:36:44 PM
new postCombined Marvel/DC Timeline2Thu, 26th Jun '14 6:57:06 PM
new postFor Better Or For Worse13Wed, 25th Jun '14 5:38:20 AM
new postResearching comic history7Wed, 11th Jun '14 8:21:47 AM
new postBadass Bystander from Thor27Tue, 10th Jun '14 6:24:42 PM
new postGeneral Cartoon Network Comics by IDW Discussion2Tue, 10th Jun '14 8:24:40 AM
new postGreatest Archenemy11Sun, 8th Jun '14 8:38:46 PM
new postGuardians of the Galaxy comics16Sun, 8th Jun '14 12:29:32 PM
new postAstro City is BACK!3Sat, 7th Jun '14 9:30:36 PM
new postSuperheroes why?158Fri, 6th Jun '14 7:33:03 AM
new postWonder Woman130Fri, 30th May '14 9:14:10 AM
new postWhy doesn't Batman kill Joker? Because this.394Fri, 23rd May '14 5:32:08 PM
new postHellblazer18Fri, 23rd May '14 1:53:58 AM
new postGarfield33Thu, 22nd May '14 12:10:55 PM
new postWhat's the public have against Batman? 79Wed, 21st May '14 6:33:39 PM
new postDoes the Justice League really "work" as a group?40Tue, 20th May '14 10:18:53 AM
new postNew 52 Superman and Wonder Woman45Tue, 13th May '14 7:13:58 PM
new postNemi3Mon, 12th May '14 7:40:27 PM
new postFell General Discussion3Sun, 11th May '14 10:27:17 AM
new postThe Sandman47Tue, 6th May '14 3:22:02 AM
new postLantern Alignment5Fri, 2nd May '14 5:23:53 PM
new postInvincible (Probably The Greatest Superhero Comic In the Universe!)10Thu, 1st May '14 8:42:33 PM
new postHow many volumes in a trade paperback?12Thu, 1st May '14 6:38:06 PM
new postMovies influencing the comics?15Thu, 1st May '14 5:46:31 PM
8 pages in this list
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