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new postSpider-Man General Discussion3,770 Fri, 18th Apr '14 1:40:39 AM
new postHow many volumes in a trade paperback?10Thu, 17th Apr '14 10:55:23 PM
new postX-Men In General2,580Thu, 17th Apr '14 10:11:02 PM
new postBatman's 75th anniversary29Thu, 17th Apr '14 6:34:48 PM
new postBatman Questions53Thu, 17th Apr '14 4:30:55 PM
new postBatman General Discussion525Thu, 17th Apr '14 2:31:25 PM
new postThe Life And Times Of Scrooge Mc Duck32Thu, 17th Apr '14 12:01:26 PM
new postMarvel Comics General6,349Thu, 17th Apr '14 9:16:11 AM
new postThe Fantastic Four: The Great American Novel8Thu, 17th Apr '14 8:37:08 AM
new postDC Rebooting Universe8,081Thu, 17th Apr '14 4:44:28 AM
new postWhy are funny animal comics dead?18Wed, 16th Apr '14 4:41:20 PM
new postEnnis Comics! Anything and everything involving Garth Ennis' work.10Tue, 15th Apr '14 12:35:38 PM
new postWho would win? (Comic book edition)121Mon, 14th Apr '14 9:10:44 AM
new postAquaman - advice needed19Mon, 14th Apr '14 8:24:58 AM
new postVillains with a Green Lantern Ring15Sun, 13th Apr '14 10:40:11 PM
new postBig Three Super-Villains71Sun, 13th Apr '14 6:48:34 PM
new postPrint is dying and the Daily Planet is going with it.16Fri, 11th Apr '14 4:43:28 PM
new postMy Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Comics1,909Fri, 11th Apr '14 12:19:19 PM
new postSuperboy Prime57Thu, 10th Apr '14 4:59:08 PM
new postStardust the Super Wizard4Thu, 10th Apr '14 11:56:06 AM
new postAnalysis of Lex Luthor277Wed, 9th Apr '14 10:09:56 AM
new postWhy doesn't Batman kill Joker? Because this.372Tue, 8th Apr '14 12:22:28 PM
new postBone15Sun, 6th Apr '14 11:38:42 PM
new postSuperman VS Batman104Fri, 4th Apr '14 2:36:44 PM
new postSuperman General212Thu, 3rd Apr '14 11:18:33 AM
new postComic Book Recommendations30Thu, 3rd Apr '14 9:03:13 AM
new postChatterbox- Comic Books517Wed, 2nd Apr '14 9:36:10 AM
new postDC Comics General67Sun, 30th Mar '14 1:44:02 PM
new postThe comics that inspired Arrow (or Green Arrow in general)12Wed, 26th Mar '14 2:50:27 PM
new postMarvel-DC Merged Universe Community Project...856Mon, 24th Mar '14 8:04:31 PM
new postComic creators, comedians and celebrities4Sat, 22nd Mar '14 6:24:49 PM
new post"You are more than just your powers" A Broken Aesop?8Thu, 20th Mar '14 7:51:16 PM
new postBest/Worst "Upgraded" Costumes127Mon, 17th Mar '14 9:41:43 PM
new postArchie Sonic General Discussion286Sun, 16th Mar '14 2:05:38 AM
new postDynamite's "Legenderry"1Fri, 14th Mar '14 9:29:15 PM
new postThe Flash55Fri, 14th Mar '14 9:27:15 PM
new postMarvel Monster Talk.2Mon, 10th Mar '14 8:00:28 PM
new postTorn between DC and Marvel16Sun, 9th Mar '14 4:45:46 PM
new postSuper Secret Crisis Wars: Cartoon Network Crossover by IDW17Wed, 5th Mar '14 5:40:25 PM
new postInjustice comics (spoilers)1Tue, 4th Mar '14 4:42:29 PM
new post2000AD general discussion50Mon, 3rd Mar '14 7:27:52 AM
new postThings you're tired of telling non-comic fans.490Sun, 2nd Mar '14 10:44:42 AM
new postHellblazer17Mon, 24th Feb '14 4:09:58 AM
new postUltra - no page3Thu, 20th Feb '14 6:34:58 PM
new postThe New IDW/Nickelodeon TMNT Comic (Spoilers Inside!)7Sun, 16th Feb '14 8:46:15 AM
new postWho would like to see Nicktoons Comics?10Sat, 15th Feb '14 1:19:08 PM
new postThe Sandman43Sat, 15th Feb '14 5:30:34 AM
new postFavorite moments from Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men Run?6Fri, 14th Feb '14 11:08:25 PM
new postFor Better Or For Worse8Wed, 12th Feb '14 12:34:22 PM
new postPortrayal of the mentally ill in comics241Wed, 12th Feb '14 10:14:21 AM
new postComic of the year thread.9Mon, 10th Feb '14 1:58:25 PM
new postAny comics you would consider 9.5+ out of ten?19Mon, 10th Feb '14 1:56:19 PM
new postAvatar The Last Airbender - The Search81Sun, 9th Feb '14 7:06:27 PM
new postSaga of Rex4Sat, 8th Feb '14 3:29:48 PM
new postBeginner comics14Sat, 8th Feb '14 12:53:01 PM
new postDoes Captain America kill? 28Wed, 5th Feb '14 10:45:08 PM
new postGrant Morrison's "Multiversity" Leaked, Spoilers9Wed, 5th Feb '14 2:09:14 PM
new postHow come nobody cares about the Golden Age of Comics?82Tue, 4th Feb '14 1:45:52 PM
new postYour perfect ''League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'' team62Tue, 4th Feb '14 12:39:46 PM
new postThe other Spider-mans136Mon, 3rd Feb '14 9:11:24 AM
new postDoes Wonder Woman deserve her reputation?105Mon, 27th Jan '14 4:10:21 PM
new postHellboy15Sat, 25th Jan '14 7:53:56 PM
new postComic Guides3Wed, 22nd Jan '14 6:39:24 PM
new postAfterlife With Archie21Wed, 22nd Jan '14 3:40:31 PM
new postJason and the Argonauts = Superhero Teams5Mon, 20th Jan '14 1:18:57 AM
new postEmpowered109Sat, 18th Jan '14 6:09:29 PM
new postWhat's the public have against Batman? 78Tue, 14th Jan '14 11:50:08 PM
new postBatman and His Stance On Drugs66Tue, 14th Jan '14 4:32:05 PM
new postVersus Discussions and Comicbook Bias22Mon, 13th Jan '14 10:01:31 PM
new postDilbert7Sun, 12th Jan '14 10:48:16 AM
new postWhat's the name of this comic?2Sat, 11th Jan '14 5:35:39 PM
new postY: The Last Man (comic book series)3Fri, 10th Jan '14 5:24:29 PM
new postCraziest Comic Book Gadgets6Fri, 10th Jan '14 12:58:43 PM
new postYoung Avengers183Wed, 8th Jan '14 8:34:16 PM
new postBest/Favourite Costume7Mon, 6th Jan '14 9:09:57 AM
new postThe Hawkeye Thread17Thu, 2nd Jan '14 2:48:30 PM
new postDo Graphic Novels Need To Be Serialized?12Thu, 2nd Jan '14 7:26:21 AM
new postUnderground Comics7Mon, 30th Dec '13 7:24:59 AM
new postNew comics pages11Sat, 28th Dec '13 11:05:59 AM
new postSuske en Wiske: The saga unfolds18Sat, 28th Dec '13 6:54:31 AM
new postGrant Morrison And His Works51Sat, 28th Dec '13 4:13:28 AM
new postX Men Identitiies9Fri, 27th Dec '13 8:08:03 AM
new postNormals14Fri, 27th Dec '13 7:14:07 AM
new postImage Comics General Discussion7Tue, 24th Dec '13 9:12:49 AM
new postSuperman187Sun, 22nd Dec '13 8:21:23 AM
new postPanel Shots2Fri, 20th Dec '13 5:02:09 PM
new postRobert Kirkman's ''The Walking Dead''8Thu, 12th Dec '13 8:59:10 PM
new postFoiregn Writers Import?6Fri, 6th Dec '13 6:36:29 PM
new postRules for Marvel/DC139Wed, 4th Dec '13 8:23:37 AM
new postValiant Comics relaunch in 2012, Thoughts??24Sun, 1st Dec '13 7:18:15 PM
new postThe Horror of the Healing Factor17Wed, 27th Nov '13 10:45:19 PM
new postDoes Carol Danvers still have her Seventh Sense ability?46Tue, 26th Nov '13 11:42:42 AM
new postSexism In Comics591Sat, 16th Nov '13 12:55:44 PM
new postCrowdsourced Comic Project Megathread (Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, etc.):4Sun, 10th Nov '13 8:00:24 AM
new postWriter/Editor?9Sat, 9th Nov '13 12:07:14 PM
new postPeanuts/Later run questions23Fri, 8th Nov '13 9:46:59 PM
new postCalvin And Hobbes23Mon, 4th Nov '13 11:03:34 PM
new postWhy no non-Archie digests?19Sat, 2nd Nov '13 5:01:29 PM
new postNo One Stays Dead...106Thu, 31st Oct '13 7:45:18 AM
new postWhat Process Does A Writer Go Through To Write A Script?4Wed, 30th Oct '13 10:38:13 PM
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