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Klaudandus: I got a question about Unreliable Narrator. EP 5 says that Piece-Battler in Ep 1 thru 4 and Piece-Erika in Ep5 were the only ones who had an objective view, right? So, any scene where they're present are the only ones that objective of sorts - but they have had scenes where just about everyone is present at one point or the other — if the rumors of [EP6 being that in reality the people count is down to 16, then where's the objectivity? My point is, even the objectivity of the detective is compromised — I remember Gertrude mentioning something about that in the ????. If other people agree, I'd like to add a note to Unreliable Narrator in the main umineko page.

Clevomon: Gach! I didn't realize I deleted Stay in the Kitchen. In general, I try not to delete things that I didn't write. Rather, I'll usually ask in discussion. In any case, though, I didn't mean to, and I'm sorry.

Ineid: Would anyone be mad if I re-added the Whodunnit to Me? link back in. It believe it to be a fairly memorable quote. Also some recent examples were taken off because they were in both series, but looking at some of them I think they should be re-added. I don't know if anyone would be mad at me for this, this is my first wiki editing.

Phlogistic: Holy spoilers, batman. They're everywhere! And Ineid, your quote is probably the biggest spoiler-offender...

Ineid: It's hard to avoid spoilers in this series. Often times the smallest thing can turn in to a major clue in a later game.

Clevomon: Honestly, putting in spoiler tags should suffice. Also, it's difficult to figure out what's a spoiler and what isn't. Think stuff like Natsuhi's death - things that are well-known in a You Should Know This Already kind of way, and yet would probably be considered a spoiler by some people who start in fresh. So we're being liberal with the spoiler tags in general, but when in doubt including information.

Pancho: Is it okay if I add something to the trivia page? Turns out a site called Anti-Rosa actually exists, complete with the slogan.

Clevomon: Does it say in the narration that Gaap's hair is blond? I've seen her - it looks quite red to me. However, I haven't read the fourth graphic yet, so maybe I'm missing something there. If not, though, I think Evil Redhead should go back up.

Evil Redhead belongs to the character page where it already is tagged to Gaap. As for the color of her hair, it looks like some slightly reddish blonde to me, IIRC it's never described in the VN so we have to use the images.

Clevomon: Just thought I'd point out here that Umineko isn't over yet. I'm not sure Gainax Ending is appropriate to use yet.

Rogue 7: I'm just going to say that it is a pain in the ass to watch this anime and try to read this page when the sections of the VN are called "episodes", making it really hard to know what spoilers to highlight.

Hareoic: Usually the e is capitalized or it's shortened to EP when referring to the games.
Citizen: Okay, so Beato's rock trumps Bern's scissors, which trumps Lambda's paper (unless SUPER PAPER), which trumps Beato's rock. It isn't Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors (RTS games), and it isn't Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors (elemental powers). Is it an example of anything?