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02:29:13 AM Jan 22nd 2015
Due to the dramatic nature/flame bait-y nature of the topic of Yasu's gender or Yasu being a transgender female, is it possible to change all mentions of s/he to she so as not to offend transgender tropers and/or incite an edit war?
03:16:44 AM Jan 22nd 2015
Eh, I don't think we need to be pre-emptive here.
02:07:28 AM Nov 17th 2013
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To those writing the WMG pages, please reformat them. Color has long since been disabled on the wiki and without color, the pages as they currently stand make a lot less sense.
01:57:26 PM Nov 17th 2012
edited by Cassiope
Cassy: To the person who explained the riddle of the epitaph: thank you for enlightening us, but could you explain a little bit more about the Taiwan bit? I'm still kind of lost. I should specify that I'm only playing the fifth game (so yeah, I've read spoilers and I'm a very bad girl).
08:26:50 AM Dec 20th 2012
I'm not the person who wrote the example, but the "my beloved hometown" bit refers to how Kinzo spent much of his childhood growing up in Taiwan, where EP8 reveals that he first met Genji. Thus he considers it to be his hometown.
07:43:03 AM Aug 6th 2012

  • Evil Is Stylish - Everything about Beatrice down to the whole idea of the chess game.

This gambit trope is being merged into Complexity Addiction, and I can't tell if this is an example. If it is, please add it back with an explanation of how it fits.
11:51:29 AM Jul 15th 2012
Concerning the examples about EP 8's ending and the entirety of the plot being Battler/Tohya's attempts to figure out the truth, isn't that just one possible interpretation? Granted, I don't think we can just say, "it COULD be an example of this." But I was horribly confused when I read the spoilers here first and then didn't get that impression at all from the ending.

Basically what I'm asking is, is it possible to edit those examples to be more YMMV due to the sheer Mind Screw nature of the series?
08:48:59 AM Dec 20th 2012
edited by Oecchi
Not really, since it's pretty straightforward once you think about it. Tohya Hachijo is the author who wrote mystery novels based on the message bottles that washed up on the shores of Japan (signed by Maria, but later revealed to have been written by Yasu) and in EP6 she says she's just written the manuscript for Dawn of the golden witch, and it's revealed that she also wrote EPs 3-5 as well.

In the magic ending for the series, it's revealed that "Tohya" is actually Ikuko Hachijo, who wrote the novels, and the real Tohya is actually Battler, who was the scenario writer. So while it's never stated outright, it's still pretty clear that, yes, the series was just Tohya sorting out his thoughts about what happened.
02:39:01 PM Dec 27th 2012
edited by PluralForce
Except it's not actually that simple. For one, how much of the forgeries actually matched the contents of the games we've seen up until now? It's still left pretty ambiguous, and there are a lot of inconsistencies in the theory, but that's not my point.

My point is, that's not the only possible interpretation— for example, a fantasy look at things could be that Ikuko is also Featherine, helping Battler to remember and write the forgeries out of boredom. What really happened depends largely on the point of view you're looking at things from. Even if everything is just Battler trying to sort out his memories, that doesn't also mean it didn't happen on some level of reality. It's a difficult issue to explain, and I'm not sure I can even manage to convey what I'm talking about to anyone else.

I just think the issue is a lot more complex than everyone is making it seem, and was wondering if it's even possible to convey that Umineko-level complexity through trope examples.

EDIT: Actually, I might as well just drop the issue. I wanted to point this out, but I'm having difficulty explaining what I mean here. I'm more interested in keeping in the ambiguity than in debating what's true and what's not, and thinking about it again, with Umineko's level of ambiguity it'd be really difficult to get that across in the trope page. Not sure it's worth all the editing to say that something "might" have happened or "probably" happened.
08:15:12 PM Jul 19th 2011
Would it be okay if I tried to organize the Nightmare Fuel, C Mo A, Tear Jerker, etc. pages in episode order so that way they are easier to navigate?

(I don't think subpages have talk pages, but I think it would be better to post it here.)
06:25:35 PM Jun 20th 2010
edited by NoirTheExecutioner
Err...just wanted to ask first, but any objections on changing the front page image to the cover for EP 4? (but shrunk down a bit, obviously)

I realize the portrait is important, and we see it a lot in the series, but I think the above would be a better representation of the series, seeing as it also has Battler in it.

(Sorry if this is too much. Just didn't want to get barked at for suddenly changing the page image. >_<;;)
08:33:59 PM Jun 20th 2010
I do not mind
09:26:37 AM Jun 21st 2010
I wouldn't mind either. I think it's a superior (and freakin' creepy) cover.
08:46:18 PM Jun 28th 2010
Ah...okay then. I'll change it now...any future objection please speak up then. ^^;;
12:17:55 AM Jul 10th 2010
08:52:48 AM Nov 27th 2010
edited by Oecchi
Since we're talking about page images here, does anyone think we should change the page image to the cover of EP 8? It's the cover for the last game in the series, so it has all the major players. Thoughts?
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