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Wallachia: Cloud? God of swordsmanship and BF Ss? C'mon, Sanger Zonvolt would like a serious word with you.

Sunder The Gold: I propose adding Emiya Shirou as the God of Swords, especially of Fields of Swords. Also, Archery and Trick Arrows. Possibly No Arch In Archery, due to just how FAST he can shoot those things.

Neo_Crimson - I second this. Sanger (while awesome) is defined more by his mech (which has a sword) than actual swordsmanship. Shirou on the other hand has powers centered around pulling copies of any sword from a dimension of infinite swords. If any one deserves to be the God of swords it's him.

Ekron Dye: Just found the Weapons section - Never mind.

Willy Four Eyes: Moved Toph over to the "Nature" Pantheon as the representative of Earth.

Pete Man: I'd say should organize them into weapons, wrestling, assorted asskicking forms.


Laevatein: I don't mind subcategories, as long as they're still all on the same page (although we could use a separate "Heroes" or "Heroism" category).

Laevatein: The god of Kung Fu really should be Bruce Lee (after all, he is the only being to defeat Chuck Norris. Maybe make Goku god of shounen heroes or something.

Roland: Renamed Goku to Intermediate God of Escalation and Ki attacks.

Pete Man: He can wipe out planets by farting. He gets to be a Greater God on Power Level alone.

this is based on Nerdorama's comment in the Pantheons discussion page: "...I agree. Greater God is where I'd tend to stick people only with very old and important positions, as well as people who are actually deific or close enough in canon"

Laevatein: We need a Goddess of Action Girls here, but there are so many worthy candidates I'm not sure who to have. I personally feel Alanna should have the position, but Buffy, Xena, The Bride, and Michelle Yeoh are all strong candidates as well.

Servbot: I nominate Ellen Ripley, the one who pretty much kicked off the entire collection of kick ass female action leads.

Sparkysharps: Seconded, though I'm not familiar enough with the Alien quadrilogy to write her profile.

That reminds me of something else, too. We could use a Goddess of Faux Action Girls (for Disgraces) and Chickification (for The Fallen).

Servbot: Hmm... we need a God of Antivillainy to match our God of Antiheroism. I'd like to nominate Victor Fries (Mister Freeze) for this. Is quoted in the Anti-Villain page and is its first example, remains an Anti Villain from start to end, and produces the "He's supposed to be a villain?" reaction from viewers very well.

Peteman: Wasn't Zuko the original Antivillain in the original page.

  • Shale: The Heel–Face Turn makes him a lot less of an Anti-Villain, though.
    • Peteman: Alright, but he'll at least get a mention, right? And I agree, we need a section for Heroic Archetypes. I moved some of them into there, though I'm not sure of certain others. By the way, Action Girls should go into the Heroic section.

Peteman: Shouldn't you be putting Action Girls in the Heroes And Villains section?

Paranoid Android: How about a "Commander of the Evil Army" position? No, not an Evil Army, The Evil Army of which all others are merely subunits and local commands. A position for the General Ripper, except it would probably be better if the character used was really Evil with a capital E.

Nlpnt:There needs to be a God of Cooking Duels- Masaharu Morimoto? Kazuma Azuma? Bobby Flay? Or the God of Cooking Duels doesn't have to be a cook, just as long as it's What Do You Mean, It's Not Awesome? .

Weaver: How about John Preston, God of Gun Kata, Guns Akimbo and Cool Reloads. Tres Iqus would of course be affiliated in some way.

Majin Gojira: Need more Monster Gods. I added Godzilla as the Dragon/Kaiju god, but a god for other monsters is a definite must. A Vampire Diety comes to mind first.

Willy Four Eyes: Dracula's already listed in Otherness, and he's not really a creature of war, anyway. *shrug*

Majin Gojira: Considering he is often considered an embodiment of World War II by Japan, I'd say so. Hell, that was the entire plot of one of his films, and the intention of his creators. But, yeah, I missed Otherness. Though that covers only a few of the monsters out there...

Chris X: What do you think about Patron Goddesses for Lady of War? For instance... Goddess of Elegant Ass-kicking maybe?

Also on the God Of Super Robot... I don't quite agree to Ryouma being the God of it. I mean, he's great and all, but there should be someone else that takes the seat... Kouji Kabuto. Yes, the man is present in all Super Robot Wars, but Ryouma takes a break in J. Also, for another question, I know Kenshiro is technically a Bruce Lee follower. But... I somehow think he deserves to be deified on something...

Chris X: New topic question: If we add God Of Spear, who should be the God?

Amplt0: Kenpachi seems more Chaotic Neutral than Chaotic Evil...

Tk3997: Section needs a God for Heroically Mute and One Dimensional First Person Shooter characters if you ask me I’d nominate the Doom Marine myself… I mean he already killed hell so he’s damn near a god by default. Maybe one for Flight Sims too to acknowledge those that perform their godly feats with the aid of a fighter jet or spaceship. (The Mecha angle seems covered).

Jackgar Prime: I think Kamina's position should certainly be re-evaluated, due to one person: Shishioh Guy. Not only does he shout about the POWER OF COURAGE constantly, but GaoGaiGar itself is very literally RUN on courage. Especially Genesic, which the series says can have actual infinite energy based on how courageous Guy gets.

And regarding Kenshiro, he could proabably make a good God of Spam Attack and/or Calling Your Attacks.

Schizo Technician: Gurren-Lagann literally runs on courage too, ya know. Spiral energy being "will to fight" and often being interpreted as "courage" "manliness" or "awesomeness" and being quite unlimited in scope. And while Kamina may not shout about the power of courage, his catchphrase is "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?!?", and he ends more or less every sentance with an exclamation point. Kamina-sama stays.

Chris X: To be honest, that seems to be more to Hot-Blooded not courage. But we have one more problem if Kamina-sama is dethroned. There's a lot of pantheons that shares quite a good bunch of relationship with Kamina, dethroning him will take a tedious process of editing here and there.

Sean Tucker: I think The Great Kamina-sama should share his godhood with his Jonas Quinn, The Not-Quite-As-Great Viral-sama.

Chris X: Kenshiro seems to fit better as God of Body Explosion. The main forte of Hokuto Shinken is Your Head A-Splode, not a bunch of Spam Attack, although Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken is an ur-example of it.

Chris X again: Back to Guy and Kamina... well to make things fair, how about they both SHARE their position into 'Gods of Courage'?

Viashino_wizard: I'd like to suggest putting Caine the Longshot from Trigun here as demigod of Cold Snipers. He shows no emotion whatsoever, used a BFG to snipe Vash from over a mile away and finally shoots himself in the head, all without talking or blinking.
Dentaku: The extra information for Unohana Retsu is not quite correct. Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray, not a manta ray. Yes, they are related, but not the same species, so Unohana has no reason to apologize.
Chris X: There's this one thing I wonder. Should there be a God for Mo Cap Mecha or Kung Fu Robo Pilots? Thing is, some of the most awesome Mo Cap Mecha or Kung Fu Robo pilots have taken other domains, such as the G Gundam people (Domon, Master Asia), or the most prominent DGG pilots (Sanger, Elzam). Which leaves us to... Folka, Ryuune, Axel for Super Robot Wars, or Kazuya Ryuuzaki from Daimos, Ginga and Hokuto from GEAR Fighter Dendoh, for those who are outside SRW.
Chris X: As far as followers go... so Sakuya is now dual-following both Shiki and Dio? I thought she has more things common with Dio, who is also a Knife Nut.

Kalle: :o I didn't notice. Aah, take her out if you want, but I think Belphegor should stay at least.
Donomni: FFXI devs really must like making sick jokes(Or they actually know of this Pantheon), because they just made AV unbeatable again. Who's up for Zerg-B-Gone?
Chris X: Courage seems to be more of the Emotion pantheon, I think. So do you think we should move Guy and Kamina to the Emotion pantheon?
Albert Nonymous: I'm relatively new here, and I didn't want to just add it for fear of stepping on someone's toes, but I there should a god of Death from Above. And I think Mobius One from Ace Combat 04 fits the bill perfectly. Most can only dream of causing the sheer amount of airborne destruction he and his Hyperspace Arsenal were capable of. What do you think?

Peteman: Pretty cure Stormtroopers fall under the category of Elite Soldiers instead of supersoldiers.
Ouroboros: Removed one of Master Chief's followers.The Astartes are loyal to the God-Emperor only, anything less is heresy!
Xavius: This page needs more klingons. If Worf is busy somewhere else (haven't checked), Kahless is good. If Worf is busy and ancestral side-characters aren't encouraged, then Martok. Position? God of Honor, of course.

Vergil: Riskbreaker Ashley Riot deserves a place on this list. I'm thinking Patron of Physical Gods. From the beginning of the game he is inhumanly strong, and everyone around him knows it. By the end of the game, there's no question, and in future replays nothing can touch him. Even if he doesn't get a place in the Pantheon of War, the ending of the game at least warrants him a place over at Life and Death.

TB: Master Chief as God of Super-Soldiers? Samus invented this trope for videogames! Or go further back, Captain America...

Shellsh0cker: Strictly speaking, though, Samus isn't a soldier, she's a bounty hunter. I think Master Chief is a better fit. Besides, the guy pretty much took the world of console gaming by storm, he's gotta be here somewhere.

S Noble Jr: On the subject of the Chief, I've changed his alignment to Lawful Good; occasional insane stunt aside, he's far too disciplined and professional to be Chaotic.

Shellsh0cker: I realize this House is kind of packed already, but I noticed something: we have a God of Mecha Pilots and a God of Super Robot pilots, but we don't have anyone for the fighter pilots. I propose Kara Thrace (aka Starbuck) as Goddess of Fighter Pilots and Military Mavericks.
Why isnt Samus Aran goddess of anything? She should be Goddess of Planet Exploding. I cant believe she's just a follower and not her own goddess. Oh and you can make her Goddess of Reverse Traps while youre at it.

Tiroth: For that matter, why is Samus listed as a follower of Master Chief and Motoko Kusanagi? She's older and noticeably more powerful than both of them.

Neo_Crimson - Should Sargeras be considered as the God of the Legions of Hell? Or is that already taken/in another section?

LE Xicon 712: Can we make Kamina the god of Manliness instead? its not fair he shares a spot with Guy Shishioh. I mean he is courageous, but he is more of a symbol of Manliness.

Darkhawk: So after searching the pages, I found that Zero (Mega Man one) is no where to be found! This is a crime. And seeing how, besides Haruhi, he is one of the few person in this site to be called something Incarnate, I'm Voting for Zero God of Badasses.

rbx5: I think we really ought to put Alucard in the Pantheon somewhere, if only for his sheer power and invincibility, and either here or in Weapons seems to me the best places; how about God of Unkillable"Heroes" and Living Weapons?

Schizo Technician: Which Alucard? I'm pretty sure we've already got Hellsing and Castlevania in here somewhere...

rbx5: Alucard from Hellsing, whom we don't have anywhere, as far as I know; I think we do have Castlevania Alucard, but I'm not sure.

Schizo Technician: A search using the search function reveals that we do have the Hellsing one under Shape. God of Regeneration and Hellhounds.

Rpgingmaster: I noticed there is no Gods of QuirkyMinibossSquads. On that note, I think the Inspectors would make a good fit for this.
Kulsprutejojjo: I find it really odd that Lelouch, who is the god of rebellion is listed as Lawful Neutral of all alignments. Now, there are two things wrong with him being listed here. The first is that while I have never even heard him being listed as Lawful Neutral except in the Trope Pantheons (in fact, he is listed as Chaotic at most times in the [[{{characters/Code Geass}} Code Geass character sheet]], which I find a lot more reliable), which may be a slip if it weren't for the fact that Lawful Neutral is without question the least rebellious alignment there is, which really contradicts Lelouch's status as the god of rebellion. Could somebody please rectify this error, because if he is supposed to be the god of rebellion, why is the least rebellious alignment slapped on him?

Exploding Frogs: Chaotic Neutral implies the ultimate free spirit; one who is not strongly tied to any system of ethics or morals other than their own whims. Lelouch is emphatically not this. He actually has a very well-developed sense of ethics and justice; it's just not in line with the systems he's overthrowing, which is why he's overthrowing them. He's also too quick to make tough decisions and moral sacrifices to qualify as "good", but his lack of cruelty or self-interest prevent him from crossing the line into full-blown evil. Lawful Neutral is actually the best fit for him.

Kulsprutejojjo: Bah, screw it, let's just try to avoid having any kind of alignment on him. The fanbase is already broken enough as it is, AFAIK. Better to not have any alignment at all on him. I've seen far too many arguements for any alignments on him already, so defining him as Lawful Neutral is just as subjective as Chaotic Neutral or any other alignment, for that matter.

Exploding Frogs: Incidentally, Lelouch is also in Mentalism and the Council of Shadows. His alignment probably ought to be negated there, too, for the sake of consistency. (By the way, what does "AFAIK" mean? I've seen it used occasionally, but I've never quite been able to work out what it stands for...)

Kulsprutejojjo: AFAIK stands for "As Far As I Know", pretty simple really. Also, I'll go ahead and change his alignment in the Academy and GUAG too, due to him being in both of these pantheons too.
Egamer86: Vash the Stampede already is the God of Marksmanship in the House of Weapons. Should Bullseye replace him with his Improbable Aiming Skills?
Schizo Technician: The reason I'm protesting to Mars' entry is the phrasing. It may say she's an unofficial leader, but it also implies with the subtlety of a sledgehammer that if she wanted to, she could beat up anybody who disagreed, including, implcitly, Kratos, who literally holds the title of this pantheon section (specifically, the section after her leadership bit, where it says that "as for the rest, she's obliged to knock a few heads about when she wants something done"). The phrasing as it is puts her one level above him by implication, if not by outright statement. I just think that the God of War should be at least co-equal in the War pantheon, whereas as things are I get the impression reading it that when he disagrees with Mars, she "knocks his head around" and ends up following.

Exploding Frogs: My rationale is simply that there ought to be one deity in each House that, as far as paperwork is concerned, is its leader. (Whether that official position has any bearing upon their actual authority in the House is another matter entirely, hence the style of Mars' entry.) I had Mars as the head of the House of War as opposed to Kratos because her portfolio includes all aspects of war, including strategy and tactics, as opposed to the mindless brutality epitomized by Kratos. And actually, the "knocking heads about" line was intended to imply that her authority is not absolute, being limited in many cases to those she can force to obey—and Kratos is emphatically not one of those deities. (Well, not guaranteed to be one of those deities—since they're roughly equal in personal power, any conflict between them could go either way.)

Schizo Technician: Thing is, we don't have one unified leader in every section. Hell, the Main House has a trinity; I think we should either make this a two-leader thing, or change the title of this House so it doesn't match Kratos' title. And if that bit was intended to say that she's not absolute, I think it should include something about how it doesn't always work; its current phrasing makes it sound like "and if anyone disobeys her, she beats them up until they do".

Exploding Frogs: You know, that had occured to me almost immediately after I typed my reply. How about adding another note underneath each of their profiles, to the effect that they are co-rulers of the House? However, (and fittingly for the House of War) it is not a harmonious relationship, and they are in constant conflict over how their House should express itself (Mars favoring intelligent strategy and purposeful battle, and Kratos favoring vicious brutality without reason or rhyme.)

Schizo Technician: Perfect; its the same setup the Greeks and Romans used, with Kratos as our Ares/Mars and the ironically named Mars as our Athena/Minerva.