Pantheon: Life & Death

Life and Death

Many first-time visitors to this House expect it to be a lot more forboding than it actually is. In fact, it is quite comfortable and homey, since the vast majority of its occupants don't go in for the sort of pretentious nonsense favored by some other Houses. It's also partly due to the fact that this is where mortal souls enter the Pantheon after death, and where they leave it upon being reborn. (Certain gods pass through here frequently as well.) Most of the gods of Life and Death believe in making the transition pleasant. Generally, if something is comfortable and puts people at ease, there's at least one example of it in this House. There's also people who aren't comfortable unless death isn't comfortable (hey, don't expect me to explain human psychology) so there's some of that allowed too.

The House of Life and Death is also notable in that none of its resident gods directly oppose one another. Even Ryuk and Ichigo's relationship is characterized more by rivalry than by true antagonism. Some believe that this is because the deities of this House are united in their allegiance to Death. Others suggest that it is because they recognize that their shared duties are more important than personal conflicts. Still others suspect that it's simply because Head Death punishes infighting with embarrassing demotions. Which explanation a given deity believes is generally a good measure of where they fall on the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism.

Due to one Artix von Krieger's obsession to smite the undead, the Gods have had to ban the Paladin from entering the House until he could control his urges. The only other way to stop him is through the use of the color pink but no self-serving god of Death would go that far.

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The Overseers of Life and Death

    Death of the Endless 
Death of the Endless

Saturn, Maiden of Endings
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A violet astrological sign of Saturn
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Three Five Faces Of Eve, Fate, Stars, Necessity, Inscrutable Plans, Koans, Endings Happy and Otherwise, Supernatural Martial Arts, Death, New Beginnings
  • Domains: Balance, Death, Destiny, Fate, Good, Oracle, Patience, Planning, Renewal, Repose
  • Allies: The Unconquered Sun, Luna, the other Maidens
  • Followers: The Sidereal Exalted, especially the Chosen of Endings
  • Most of the deities of this house concern themselves with guiding the dead to their proper destination, the cycle of souls, and the balance between the living world and the afterlife. Saturn and her followers, on the other hand, have the task of arranging the logistics of who dies when and how. The Maiden of Endings ensures that all things end at the proper time and place, and it is largely due to her efforts the the gods of Life and Death aren't hopelessly overworked, as more mortals die or are resurrected at once in disparate locations and under bizarre circumstances than can possibly be attended to in a timely fashion.

    Deus Ex Machina 
Deus ex Machina (The Plot Angel)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The final page of a book, with the words: "And they lived happily ever after" on it.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Happy Endings, Golden Endings (Much less common), giving Butt Monkeys a chance
  • Domain: Good, Rescue, Divinity
  • Allies: Every hero ever...
  • Enemies: Diabolus Ex Machina
  • Is the natural enemy of Diabolus Ex Machina, preventing the latter from ending things badly.
  • Despises Big Brother, Griffith, Yuuki Terumi (Who doesn't?), and Nyarlathotep with a passion as they present the destruction of hope and good. Nyarly cares less about Deus, given that he can screw her over.
  • Admires Madoka Kaname and Good Gods of the House of Friendship for representing hope.

    Diabolus Ex Machina 
Diabolus Ex Machina (The Plot Reaper)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A black curtain, falling for all eternity
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Diabolus is an asshole)
  • Portfolio: Twist Downer Endings, Shooting the Shaggy Dog, Making Bad Situations Much Worse, Nietzsche Wannabes, Belief That True Art Is Angsty, Finagle's Law of Dynamic Negatives
  • Domain: Darkness, Death, Sadness, Suffering
  • Allies: Shinji Ikari, Mark Meltzer, the various incarnations of Death, Monokuma, Acnologia
  • Opposed by: Flonne, Sora Naegino, Tohru Honda, Deus ex Machina
  • The Evil Twin of the Lord of Nightmares, and an emissary of Death of the Endless. Whenever Death needs souls to reap, Diabolus pulls the strings to ensure things end in the worst way possible.
  • Allegedly has a Ho Yay-filled relationship with Shinji Ikari. Despises eternally positive characters like Flonne, Tohru Honda and Sora Naegino, and is looking for ways to break them to show them that all hope is hopeless.
  • Diabolus has recently revealed that he watches Gilgamesh, Bokurano, and Space Runaway Ideon religiously. Hmm...
  • Mark Meltzer betrayed his fellow Big Daddies in exchange for Diabolus sparing his daughter Cindy. As a result the poor man is now a bound servant to the Dark Curtain and can never see his daughter again.
  • Is proud of Acnologia, because he never fails to screw up some schmuck's day whenever he touches down on the Pantheon.

Oh, and for everyone's information, the Patron Saint of Ineffectual Death Threats is over by the House of Calmness. Best not to bother looking for him here...