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  • Wouldn't Shuuichi and Yoshino (possibly Makoto, but not as certainly) fit better under Transsexual? True, they haven't transitioned like Yuki has, but it's made quite clear that they both really want to be the opposite sex, not just dress like it. Sorry if I'm doing the discussion page wrong, I couldn't find a style guide for it. —yonayona
    • I was originally inclined to think that, until they do make the transition, they're probably best suited as Transvestite, since that refers to the act of crossdressing for either sexual arousal or, as is the case for the kids, comfort and preference. On the other hand, after re-reading through the Transsexual Trope I think you may be right. —Sgamer82
    • I see, in that case I'll wait a few days to see if anyone has any objections; if not, I'll change it. —yonayona

  • Now that I notice it, one more thing. In regard to the NoPeriodsPeriod trope as it refers to Maho, I expect this is in reference to the scene near the end of chapter 30? If not then this is irrelevant, but I will assume for now that it does. I think this might not be an aversion of NoPeriodsPeriod so much as, perhaps, a near miss of CaughtWithYourPantsDown. My reasoning is thus: After we see a sort of montage of several characters as they lie in their respective beds, there is an overview of the city and then a blank panel with a black-white gradient bakcground in which there is nothing but creaking sounds. The next panel has Maho up and out of bed saying to Shuuichi (this is just a rough translation, but I think that's all that's necessary), "Gah! Shuu, you're awake! Then, just now, did you hear? Did you hear?" She's obviously very flustered as she says all this; she continues, "Oh god, this is so embarrassing. Man, I wonder if Mom has any..." Through the course of the scene thus far Maho's pants have been bloodied. She now enters the bathroom. Anyway, I can see how this can be interpreted as menstruation, and I'm somewhat inclined to do so myself. But what really makes me think otherwise is the creaking followed by "Did you hear? Did you hear?" I mean, how would menstruation lead to that? I can see how it would be embarrassing to be seen, but not to be heard (or, for that matter, why it would make a bed creak). I'm made even more suspicious by the context, as Shuuichi is heavily implied to have had a wet dream. Of course, I suppose it's possible that he, in fact, was the one masturbating, but then why would Maho ask if he heard, rather than vice versa? Again, I'm leaning towards thinking that this is a case of implied masturbation and a near miss CaughtWithYourPantsDown on Maho's part, but I'm not very certain at all. What do y'all think? —yonayona
    • Could be both. — Sgamer82
    • Indeed, that does seem like a reasonable conclusion. I would suggest a vote, but since it seems that only the two of us are watching this discussion that would probably not be very helpful. If you have no objections, I'll add a CaughtWithYourPantsDown item and include a caveat. —yonayona
    • After re-reading the scene, maybe it can called an implied near-miss of Caught with Your Pants Down and/or that the scene implied A Date with Rosie Palms. — Sgamer82

  • Shouldn't there be some trope for issue 23? The one with Yuki and Yashino, where Yuki says and does some... decidedly inappropriate things, given Yashino's age, and manages to freak Yashino out? I think some trope has to describe what happened, Yuki's character, or the general intentional squick of that scene, but it's hard to figure out. Lovable Sex Maniac, possibly. There isn't really a page for Lovable Borderline Pedophile, for some reason...Aquillion
    • Hard to say what trope applies here. Really, what Yuki did actually falls in line with the flirty side of Cool Big Sis. If you think about it the primary thing that makes it squicky is the fact that the Hourou Musuko setting is real-world as opposed to something more fantastical. Almost anywhere else the exact same actions could be successfully played for laughs. Deconstruction of Cool Big Sis? - Sgamer82

  • I don't think Yoshino qualifies as a Bifauxnen. It's clearly stated that trans men don't belong to this trope, so I think we should change it, right?—Chronicles
    • I was wondering why that was removed. Reason makes sense to me.—Sgamer82
    • While in the beginning, Yoshino and Nittori being transgender seemed pretty clear-cut, if I recall correctly, Yoshino wasn't able to answer Saori Chiba properly when she asked if Yoshino wanted to be a guy. It could be because she's a teenager and confused about what she does and doesn't want, but I haven't reread the series yet and can't remember if she specifically wanted to BE male, as opposed to just dressing as one (and hating how her body continues to change). Can anyone clarify this?—random person
    • Pretty much, yes. At one point Takatsuki has a dream where she/he's a girly wife to a grown up, very male Nitorin and wakes up terrified. However, Takatsuki seems to be dodging the question and still figuring it out. Probably related to the fact that the old Double Standard allows him to experiment more easily than Nitorin. —xelene
  • I don't know if Hourou Musuko plays The Unwanted Harem trope straight, I cant grasp the kind of trope it is right now... maybe deconstructed? I'm not really sure... but it just doesn't seem like a straight use of the trope.—Chronicles