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Working Title: Our Country Is Speshulz: From YKTTW

DuckluckI don't like the spelling it seems bitter and gimmicky. Can't we just call it Our Country Is Special?

Donomni: Like it's said in the page itself, some of these examples have really poor or nonexistent reasons for not releasing this stuff, even though it would sell well. Considering the apparent thought behind these decisions, the misspelling seems appropriate.

Ununnilium: I disagree. It's not an especially funny misspelling, it's just "LOL, these guys are so stupid for doing this, they'd misspell a fairly common word!"

Blork: Yeah, something like Xtreme Kool Letterz or Rouge Angles of Satin where the spelling errors relate to the trope are fine but in this case the spelling seems completely arbitrary.

Trogga: I thought it meant something under the lines of "Our Country Is BS".

Citizen: What the heck. This title is idiotic, and "speshulz" has no connection to this trope at all. Even Our Country Is Special is bad, since that sounds like a national pride page. Taking this to the YKTTW for rename.

Working Title: rename Our Country Is Speshulz: From YKTTW
Sean Tucker: Nuked this:

  • A couple years back, an [adult swim] executive displayed interest in bringing Elfen Lied to the States. This idea was shot down very quickly, for reasons that anyone whose watched even the first 7 minutes of the series will immediately recognize.

ADV Films has released the entire series on DVD, so it doesn't count. Hell, the series came out in America several years before Adult Swim even noticed it.
Blork: Removed the comment about the Western Super Mario Bros. 2 making Mario and Luigi different for the first time, as the Japanese version did it first.
(moved Yahtzee discussion to Zero Punctuation Discussion)
That Other 1 Dude: It doesn't matter that the Phoenix Wright use to be GBA games. That's why they're only re-releasing the DS re-makes.
Sikon: Clarified the incorrect info on Sailor Stars. It was shown outside Japan, just not in the US.
Janitor: some natter....
  • If that is so, then why do they continue to milk the dragon ball franchise for all that it is worth (heck, they are even making a new OVA). This troper thinks that this is just toei not realy caring about its properties that much (hence why toei filler episodes screw up the continuity, sometimes existing continuity that has aslo been into the anime itself, worse than some [[Macekres Macekre]] )

L Guardinal: Cut out the bit in the Kingdom Hearts entry about the new dialogue being in English, which I'm pretty sure isn't true. Re: Chain of Memories is in Japanese, why wouldn't the rest of the new stuff be? Feel free to prove me wrong, though.
Willy Four Eyes: Made a small correction to the Zero Wing article, because the "All your base" line was in the console version of the game, and not in the arcade conversion.
Donomni: We already have a Metal Wolf: Chaos example. If this was an attempt at a joke(That such a game isn't in the US is very lol worthy), make a better attempt.
Turrican: Why are all references to European markeds not getting Square-Enix titles being cut? Americans failing to get special editions is valid, but PAL region folk not getting entire games isn't good examples of no export for you? Weak!

Donomni: Got edit reason here:
reason: Unnecessary ranty tone. Try again, and remember FFT was released in Europe last year
So, I'd say just not sound so snarky. And possibly remember FFT's PSP release.

Dalantia: I did the cut, because the lines sounded like a temper tantrum, and were factually incorrect with regards to the FFT PSP release. Remember that you do not have a License To Whine, even on this page.

Turrican: Ohhhh. Okay, that's an explanation I can live with. I honestly had no idea FFT had ever been released, though the PSP isn't a portable I ever intend to own, so I guess it makes sense. Nevertheless, I want to point out that this:
And now, for the ultimate insult and proof that Square Enix hates you, they've announced that they're bringing over the Chain of Memories remake... but not Final Mix, despite Final Mix taking far less work then the Chain of Memories remake. Knowing SE, if Final Mix ever does come here, It'll be separately.

Is a louder tone of whining than simply pointing out that Europe won't even get the remake. Seriously, it's HARD not to see North-Americans as serious whiners when they complain about how badly Square-Enix treats them, simply by comparing the treatment of the exact same game for the PAL folk. This page deserves a non-whiny entry on how people in Europe and Australia get the raw end of the deal when it comes to Square-Enix exports. Usually, we don't even get the deal. I obviously can't write it without whining, but someone surely can.

Dalantia: Well. If you have a list, I can try to write up an entry. :) At the same time, I can get out the pruning shears and hip waders - the problem was that the two entries I trimmed looked (to me, that is! I have blind spots) more strident "RAAAGH NERD RAGE" and less mild mocking "Because they hate you. :)", I suppose. The problem is that one is how we poke fun at ourselves for being hardcore fans, the other is "Um.. maybe I should erase this before someone they like sees it".

Donomni: Yeah, that bit on the end was more of a rag on SE's rampant whoring of their top franchises.

High Five: "Luckily, no one is a fan of Canadian music." Ouch. Can somebody tell me if this is sarcasm or not?
Vampire Buddha: Cut this:
* Outside Japan, everyone knows Power Rangers, but few people know that it is based on the Japanese Super Sentai, and fewer yet have actually seen Sentai (legally, anyway).
** Unless you live in France, in which case you may have seen the three series that were dubbed into French as "Bioman".
** Or in Brazil, where in the 80's you had Changeman, Flashman...

Bioman, Changemand, and Flashman proves that some Sentai series were released overseas. In addition, every series has been dubbed into Korean; if you consult a map, you'll see that neither North Korea nor South Korea is Japan.
Mr Fluffykins: Pulled this:
*Of course, EBA never came out in Japan, so no matter where you live, you're still missing out on something in this series.

Back when I lived in Japan many major retailers sold Elite Beat Agents. It may have been the NA version, but it was readily accessible to the public, so it doesn't fit the trope.

Turrican: Removed the Breath of Fire III PSP port entry. Way too much whining and swearing to boot.

Ephraim225: Removed this: (From the Sonic CD section)
Why? Take a wild (mass) guess.
Prfnoff: Removed this, which is mostly out of date, Sequel First, and natter:
  • And on a side note, Square Enix is probably the developer everyone hates for making cell phone games, because on cellphones, they released a prequel to Final Fantasy VII called Before Crisis, gaiden games for Parasite Eve and Kingdom Hearts, and worst of all, a sequel to Final Fantasy IV, which, despite being one of the most popular Final Fantasy games, has never gotten a sequel, prequel, or interquel on any platform American gamers have access to.
    • Square Enix recently announced PSP ports (or possibly even just flat out moves) of the upcoming Parasite Eve and Final Fantasy XIII cellphone titles. Maybe they're finally realizing that putting these games on a system non-Japanese can actually use would net them significantly more cash. Now if only they'd do the same with Final Fantasy IV The After...
    • And indeed it looks like they have.
    • Before the franchise got big, this happened to main-series games too: Final Fantasy games II, III, and V had no export for a long time. There are English versions of all three now, but they're all Videogame Remakes with significant changes from the originals, especially in III's case. (Fortunately, the hardcore can play all three in their original form with translation patches.)
      • Even worse, none of the Final Fantasy games were released in Europe until VII. There's a reason Final Fantasy VI was the most popular import game of the entire continent. For people who didn't read gaming magazines, though, the series seemed to spawn out of nowhere when the Playstation came out.
      • Final Fantasy 5 was imported in the Playstation Anthology, packaged with Final Fantasy 4 in Europe and Final Fantasy 6 in America.
    • On the upside, Dragon Quest has gotten a new lease on life in the United States in recent years: not only was Dragon Quest VIII released in the U.S. with its original Japanese title (as opposed to "Dragon Warrior"), but the DS remakes of Dragon Quest IV, [1] V and VI have all been announced for the U.S., with VI being announced for the U.S. before it was even announced for Japan, and the best news of all is that Dragon Quest V and Dragon Quest VI were indeed never before released in English. Considering Enix's previous track record of crappy localizations and generally being incapable of recognizing the United States as a viable market, the merger with Square is probably the best thing that ever happened to them.

Vampire Buddha: Removed this from the Hulu section:

  • Please don't mention Hulu.
    • Hey, given how many times us Americans get jipped over, well, everything, I say we can have a little thing like FREE, STREAMING TV all to ourselves. (And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do a Type 2.

First of all, it's natter. Secondly, Americans get gypped? EXCUSE ME?!
Vampire Buddha: Removed this:
* Spotify is a fantastically awesome music-on-demand service with a huge catalog, lauded all over the internet, perhaps the only such service with a free, ad-supported version. Like to give it a try? Get your ass to Europe, because you can't get it anywhere else.

I checked Wikipedia, and Spotify is available in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain, France, and Britain. That's five countries to which it's been exported; granted, it's on the web and should be available to everyone, but the fact remains that it is available outside Sweden.

\\Later: Also out out this:
* Saint Seiya beyond episode 60.

That's five countries other than Japan in which it was released. America isn't the only country in the world, you know.