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Since there's no examples given, I don't see why this shouldn't get wrapped this into Schoolgirl Lesbians.

Solandra: Or even Romantic Two-Girl Friendship.

osh: I still don't see why it's not rolled either. The only difference between those entries and this one is being even more subjective. Also, I'm rather conflicted as to Audio Drama indicating anything canonical.
Jisu: I hope I was fair this time, Feinano fans. Look over it and see?

osh: Seems cool. I find it interesting that, from what I've seen, BL stuff does this just as frequently without ever raising similar hackles. Does it just come off as more nudge-wink their fandom or are some (female) fandom more willing to accept suggestive stuff in their medium of choice?

Jisu: The opposite, actually. Most BL series barely have any female characters to begin with, probably because the Yaoi Fangirl is known to hate every single one of them.
Citizen: The Wheel of Time example doesn't seem suitable here. It's Sitch Sexuality, very discrete, and they usually grow out of it. Moved to Hide Your Lesbians.

Twin Bird:
  • This Troper once saw a show that managed to play this Trope literally. It involved a mother that got concerned about her oldest daughters' preferences when she became involved in her schools' "gay-straight-alliance"-program while her youngest daughter privately freaked out when she learned that her best friend was gay and was into her. So are the oldest daughter to come out and is her sister to learn to learn An Aesop? Not quite. It turns out that the older sister is into the program because she has a crush on the Ambiguously Gay male teacher that sponsors it whilst her sister realized that the reason for her freak out was simpler that she realized.

This seems to be describing Once and Again (and your Google-fu is weak). However, although it literally implements the title, I'm not sure it's really an example of the trope, since they certainly didn't back away from lesbianism at the last minute (a twelve-year-old lesbian and no one cared...sign of the hyperfeminist times that spawned this page).

Pichu-kun: Does Venus Versus Virus still count? The manga seems..Different. Or, does the image count for the anime only?

Dentaku: Sumire and Lucia never confess to each other or bring their relationship to the next level. It's ship tease at most, so it fits.