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Across the Stars: Just so's you know, whoever referenced 1776 is made of absolute win.

Cassy: The will of the Great Universe help me, I'm enjoying this waaaaay too much. Please, someone, make me stop.

Narvi: What's with the q typoes? The article is filled with them. Is it a joke I'm missing here?
  • Lime: I was just about to ask the same thing...
  • Cassy: At first I thought it was me (I type both on French and Anglo-Saxon keyboards, and sometimes the transition is weird), but I usually re-read myself carefully and these q's also appear in lines by other tropers. I think we might have a jester (troll?) on this entry... (Dude, even one of the links at the bottom of the page is "just for funq"...)
  • Cassy again (sorry): Found it. It's a certain "inkblot" who's been doing this. More info: 11/25/08 at 09:08 PM by inkblot
    • Trombonechild edited out some of the random q's but this person seems to have put them back. Guess it's our fault for saying "useless."

Black Charizard: This is very similar to Things We Have Learnt from Media, isn't it?

Lord TNK: I'm going to work on that, and move some to that page if they fit it better.

Okay, I'm doing that, and moving some examples that would fit better in Things We Have Learnt from Media or Wild Mass Guessing: