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10:24:42 PM Dec 12th 2013
The random wrestling quotes that now litter the page, while useless, I don't think qualify as notes.
08:10:09 PM Mar 18th 2014
Ditto most of the song lyrics.
04:43:31 AM May 11th 2013
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I think this is getting a little out-of-hand. A lot of these aren't really stereotypes, just stuff that occasionally just so happens to occur in fiction. For example, "Brits are all evil". That's hardly a universal stereotype. There's plenty of heroic Brits in fiction. Harry Potter, James Bond, The Doctor, and (the general image of) Winston Churchill, just to name a few. Or: "Any time someone wears a skirt, there will be wind". Is that supposed to be silly? Seeing someone's panties isn't a stereotype or silly fact. It's just something that sometimes happens in fiction.
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