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11/12/2011 05:55:31 •••

The best fantasy you'll ever see on television - for young and old

There is much to praise about this series and I will do so in a moment, but let me first tell you this. I only discovered this series after it had already finished its run. I was able to watch all episodes in a row, never having to wait for the next one. So I watched the entire series in a single week.

Really, is there anything I can add to that? Well, if you insist: the art is gorgeous. The music is great. The worldbuilding is fantastic. It's really cool to have something different than your average Standard Fantasy Setting. You can really feel the effort that went into creating this Asian-inspired world, the result being much more interesting than "fantasy with added nijas". As for the storyline itself, well, it's not the most original story in the world, but a band of kids who have to save the world never really gets old.

The series true strength lies in its characters. Rather than the often simplstic morality of kids' shows, Avatar The Last Airbender gives us interesting and often morally conflicted characters. We may initially have come for Aang and his pals, but we stayed for Zuko, a character with so much depth that many shows for adults could take him as an example of how to do moral complexity right.

Any flaws? Well, it's still a kids' show, so it's occasionaly limited in what it can do. Despite dealing with war and epic battles, there is surprisngly little bloodshed - or character deaths. But that's only to be expected. This is a surpremely enjoyable slice of fantasy that only gets better as the series goes on. I am eagerly awaiting The Legend Of Korra.

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