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09/25/2019 16:41:49 •••

Death Battle's over reliance of numbers.

First and foremost, I am a casual fan of the series since 2012 and still watching them whenever they uploaded a new video everynow and then. Before, they just use a simple method of their fighters before a fight; list down their arsenal, power, strength and weaknesses and their overall achievement. Simple as that.

And then comes season 3, episode 13. That episode for me is the beginning of them starting to use numbers to get comparison of their so-called durability, speed, strength etc. At first, I am okay for that as to get the show more interested. But as the time goes by, starting season 4, it is getting worser and worser.

Everytime I watched them do the calculations, I always asked myself, 'Do they really need to constantly relied on the numbers even though they just pitting two characters to fight one another until only one survived?!'

Look, I am very obscure to most of the fighters. Heck, I am barely knew some of them and the reason why I watched Death Battle is for the sake of entertainment and fun battle. I also understand their need to attract new viewers and maintaining current viewers which also the factor of the videos being much longer than before.

But as time goes on, if their current use of the formula doesn't change, the viewers will lose interest with them.

Please, more fact, less numbers

09/25/2019 00:00:00

Numbers are facts. They help establish how fast, strong, resistant, etc. a character really is. It also helps put the feats into perspective.

Not only that but numbers can be a tiebreaker. Let me give you an example: Character A is capable of blowing up a planet. Character B can also blow up a planet. both have similar feats. How would you break this tie if not with numbers?.

09/25/2019 00:00:00

I feel really petty for saying this but, uh, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. I like Death Battle but it\'s such a relief to know that other people also get bugged by this. There\'s nothing inherently wrong about putting a number to a feat, but an over-reliance on numbers ruins a lot of the battles for a multitude of reasons. They can ruin the tension when it turns out that according to the Board of Wizdom, one character is faster than light, but another character is, uh, twenty thousand times the speed of light. Using numbers as a tiebreaker in otherwise close and interesting matches feels really lazy, like how Batman Beyond and Spider-Man 2099 were really close, but then they just went \"Terry has better strength feats and speed feats so he wins I guess.\" Also forcing numbers into situations that don\'t make sense, like saying Tracer can react in a thousandth of a second due to a dodging a bullet based on the assumption that she only decided to dodge once the bullet had already been fired. They can take single frames of animation or cutscenes in games and ridiculously buff characters\' stats based on outliers. Or they can just get the maths wrong. Which I usually don\'t care enough to look into, but apparently it\'s relatively frequent.

I feel very whiny (because I obviously am) for having all of these trivial and unimportant complaints to hand, but honestly the show is at its best when they\'re trying to figure out who would win without the episode turning into a repetitive game of Numbers VS Numbers where whoever has the highest number wins.

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