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05/28/2019 00:11:20 •••

Season Finale Moral: Being Different is Dangerous and Wrong *Spoilers*

I really wanted to the final season of Star Vs The Forces Of Evil. While I definitely had some issues with the severing of plot points involving the Blood Moon Curse, Marco's monster arm, and the hints of a possible monster war being entirely cut off, I can understand that they cut off these plot points in order to ensure consistency with the plot involving the integration between monsters and Mewmans. Where this all goes wrong is the season finale in which Star reverts to her season one personality to do something reckless and causes a body count without measure.

Star destroys all magic. She gets justifiably mad at her mom for causing the creation of an unstoppable army bent on genocide, before getting the absolutist idea that all magic should be destroyed. She doesn't think about the consequences for even a minute upon doing this. The only thing that bugs her is that she will never see Marco as a consequence. Never mind there are any number of creatures that are made of magic and even more that depend on magic to survive. That ice wraith sword that held that fire beast back in "Ransomgram". Magical. The spell that gave Miss. Skullnick a new lease on life. Magical. The only way Tom meets with Star and the rest of the group is through magical transportation. The show implies that only Mewni fused with Earth, which means Tom is separated from his family for eternity.

Her spells are also dead. These spells were sentient and had episodes dedicated to them serving Star and interacting with each other. Its not like Star is unaware either. She hugs Cloudy in "Face the Music" and thanks Spider in a Top Hat for saving her and Marco in his titular episode. All of those episodes that built their characters and they aren't even given a second thought of their fate when magic disappears.

Magic is dangerous. But so are knives, so are cars, so is electricity, but none of these things we take for granted are condemned. Its all about application, something Star never realizes. Eclipsa had spells that could have been used to rebuild her kingdom, feed starving families, replace the homes Mewmans had to give back to the monsters, but these things are never done because the story has hammer in this ham-handed storyline about why magic is wrong. Without magic, Star would have never met any of her friends. She would be a close-minded obedient daughter, because that's the only life she would have been exposed to.

Star could have resolved the problems of Season 4, if she had started Eclipsa's reign by turning all the monsters into Mewmans. Mewmans' fear monsters because they have claws, fangs, inhumanly large muscles that they make them dangerous, and without those things, Mewmans' would no longer have to fear them. But she didn't do that because that would be destroying their identity, their culture, their lifestyle. Instead she chose to destroy these traits for hundreds of magic users across the Multiverse. To stop an extremist army. Instead of simply teleporting them though a portal to a lifeless wasteland. Or the bottom of the ocean. Or into a volcano. Star applied a brute force solution with a tool with infinite uses and possibilities and that is incredibly disappointing.

I really liked a lot of episodes of season 4. Star's chemistry with Eclipsa was really witty and fun, and it was interesting to see her draw on all the experience she gained over the course of the show. Plenty of shows have heirs learning to be better rulers for the sake of their countries. Almost none involve the main character trying to teach someone else, for completely selfless reasons. I like SVOTE in general because its not afraid to tell jokes that Steven Universe is too sensitive to tell, its more creative with its action than Adventure Time, it has more lore than Gravity Falls. But this final episode will always be a weight around its neck that brings down the quality of the show with its tone-deaf moralizing and thoughtless execution.

05/28/2019 00:00:00

You forgot that everyone who Rombulus encased in crystal is now free and that all we even saw all the millhorses die. It does feel weird that in the last 2 episodes, magic is suddenly viewed as this terrible thing that causes all the worlds problems. Not to mention rather masturbatory in how everyone but Marco is so ok with this, including Heckapoo and Glossaryck (who was initialy terrified). All her emotions of loss when she lost the book and later on when she finds out it was burned go out the window. You can tell it\'s a bad idea when the unsympathetic, non- Well Intetioned Extremist tried it first and when you yourself admit it was a temper tantrum.

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