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07/26/2016 13:40:47 •••

And so it begins...

Diaries of a Madman is one of the more darker stories out there. Torture, rape, murders and more. It can be a roller coaster of emotion and an adrenaline rush. It can show the happiness and over the top cuteness that My Little Pony has to offer and it can also show what it really means to be human. I read it the first time a couple years back, during my 'teen angst phase' and didn't really appreciate the true meaning of Diaries, I just read it and enjoyed it. The sex was hot, the fighting was epic and the character was the most unique and relatable character I'd seen in a while. I have re-read and caught up with the story.... countless times now, reading through the multi-million epic that Diaries is just to have the fill of it. I've put actual books aside to read Diaries and have lost sleep because of it. Yes there are issues, the occasional grammar issue and I personally don't enjoy the gay sex in it, as well as feeling the Fem Nav Arc has dragged on a little too long, but these are personal and everything has errors, plus with the size of Diaries it is beyond understandable that there are errors. Every character, major or minor feels like they are human, they have dreams and hopes and thoughts. Their own opinions on everything that is going on, which is just another reason why this story is great and people like me can write cringe worthy reviews for the sake of hoping senpai whatmustido notices me.

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