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07/22/2016 19:29:19 •••

Everything Human

This story, I have got to say, is one of the darker stories in the many I've read. That isn't to say it particularly edgy, as some before me would describe it.

This story is more about humanity, but not in a sense of what it means to be human, but what it means to be a person.

This is a story about someone who hates to show weakness, believes in freedom but is forced into a cruel reality most stories don't allow to exist in the first place.

One of the reasons to enjoy fanfictions is because there's nothing inhibiting what's being said, an author has an image to keep if it's a published book, a fan-fiction writer, on the other hand, can choose to keep his name hidden.

This story seems to take advantage of that, but not in the negative sense. While most would let their personal desires influence their characters, Diaries of a Madman's main protagonist is what I could describe as one of the most human characters in most writings in general.

He suffers, but it's not as if it makes him stronger, he gets tested, but it's not like the lesson learned becomes a part of him, and he gets betrayed but gives them a chance to explain, that is if he doesn't believe he knows already or doesn't have to defend himself.

He may seem negative at times, but the reasons for this are understandable. It's "edgy" if the reasons for being so are paltry. He even gives you the ability to skip certain sexual deviance's you yourself may not want to read. When those interactions are important, he gives you just enough information to understand what transpired.

The main plot is stated in the prologue, so I'll refrain from saying, but that alone should describe the stories large length; Rome wasn't built in a day, but this plot is bigger than a nation.

There are some instances of the story I DO dislike, however, that even leave lasting effects, but they tend to flesh out his character even more, which is not something I can say of most stories, published or otherwise.

Most stories have the character change significantly when something terrible happens to them. Change is part of being human, yes, but it's hard to change a person, even if significant problems occur.

He remains a person of a story, more than a person-like construct to a plot.

And this story has it all, political corruption, drama, betrayal, lies, love, mystery, adventure, violence, history, gods, mistakes, regrets, sadness, humor, and even, though rare, joy.

The main character himself has a history that he tries to keep hidden, even from his readers, but small glints of information here and there are given as the story progresses. I don't know what he might suggest half the time because of this, and in this way, it's unlike most stories where they make the protagonist predictable due to telling their life story before hand.

This is why I highly recommend Diaries of a Madman despite it's dark but sometimes skip-able occurrences and length.

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