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Nov 10th 2012 at 10:49:04 AM •••

Does anyone else agree that they really need a What the Hell, Hero? section for the Superman entry? Even when you filter out the superdickery stuff Superman still has events that simply can't be handwaved away as shock value and truly constitute moments where he's doing things that go beyond morally questionable. For example, he'd managed to reprogram Brainiac to make him good in the Silver Age but when a Doomsday weapon of his evil self showed up Superman forcibly reprogrammed to be evil again against his express wishes to access information on this device. As a result this directly led to the events that turned Brainiac from the green-skinned humanoid he was to the metallic silver version with the giant skull ship.

Another time he allowed aliens to emotionally torture Supergirl and even helped them out in doing it because they wanted to regain their lost emotions and he just went along with their plan rather than go 'hey wait it's not right to go and torture my cousin like that there must be another way'.

Probably the most egregious by far though shortly before the original Crisis Superman had left Lex Luthor in a damaged, burning aircraft of his after their most recent flight to fly off somewhere else and mockingly noting Lex would likely pass out from his injuries before Superman was out of sight. To spite him Lex crawled free and narrowly avoided being killed when the fuel cells exploded. Because of that one of Lex's robot sent him off to Lexor to be healed and Superman childishly smashed everything in the place when he returned. Mind you not for a moment does he ever think 'oh my god the ship blew up have I killed Lex?!' he only rages over the escape. His rage leads him to chase Lex down to Lexor and brings about the entire planet's destruction. Superman doesn't show a micron of compassion or horror over the millions of people he'd gotten killed.

Come to think of it some of these also fit 'Nice Job Breaking it, Hero'

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