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Willbyr MOD
Jan 8th 2016 at 8:55:24 AM •••

This trope has been cut per TRS decision. The entry either needs to be re-worked for a different trope or left off entirely.

  • Blessed Are The Cheesemakers: Episode "5".
    Soldier #1: [cocks gun] "Do not do this."
    Soldier #2: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME! LOOK AT THE VARIETY!" [holding a plate of cheeses]
    Soldier #1: "This is some bullshit."
    Soldier #2: "You know how I get when I'm around assorted cheeses. HELP ME!"
    Soldier #1: "The only way to help you is to eat all the cheeses before you do!"
    Soldier #2: "Yeah, I know. Let's make this a [bleep]ing competition."
    Soldier #1: "All right, but you need to control yourself."
    Soldier #2: "[bleep] YOU! I'M ALWAYS IN CONTROL!"

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