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Nov 28th 2019 at 9:04:17 PM •••

I noticed that Ultra Capacitors is suggested as being a Power Up Letdown though this is debatable and I don\'t intend to step on toes. 5% attack speed per upgrade level may not seem like much, but the effect is multiplicative and Marines can make good use of it with Stimpacks. This isn\'t too shabby in the final mission All In either as it\'s primarily a defensive mission and Marines are surprisingly effective against Kerrigan due to her special defense that generally prevents attacks from dealing more than 10 points of damage.

That\'s not to say Vanadium Plating is useless, it\'s very nice on the offensive giving more leeway for pulling back wounded units, and can help your army live to fight another battle.

Albeit, I\'m no expert on the meta for Single Player such as which Research works best for a Speedrun. For example, Orbital Drop has been shown to be effective for speedrunning certain missions like Supernova (You Tube has Supernova speedruns to show this) but Tech Reactors tend to be more popular in general play.

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Nov 29th 2019 at 4:40:15 AM •••

At a look at online guides, yeah, Ultra Capacitors is regarded by some as superior. I\'ll remove that point. While Orbital Drop may be useful for speedruns, Tech Depots are overall more useful for general play.

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