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Nov 2nd 2016 at 9:34:53 AM •••

This page should be renamed from "Logical Journey Of The Zoombinis" to just "Zoombinis", and here's why I think so:

Primarily, the fact is that while this page currently seems to be about the first game in the series, it also makes reference to the sequels (Mountain Rescue and Island Odyssey) as well, and since those games don't have their own pages (and probably shouldn't have their own pages either), the title of this page should ideally reflect the whole series, which the title of "Logical Journey Of The Zoombinis" fails to do.

The other two games all start with "Zoombinis" and then a subtitle indicating the specific game. Additionally, the first game was later re-released as "Zoombinis' Logical Journey" to match the name formatting of the other two, not to mention the recent remake of the game, simply titled "Zoombinis".

Even Wikipedia has their page on the series titled "Zoombinis", and while TV Tropes isn't Wikipedia by any means, it still goes to show that such a name would work well in this context. It's simple, all-encompassing, and indicative of what the page is (or should be) about.

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Nov 2nd 2016 at 11:36:38 AM •••

That does sound like a good idea. I'm all for it.

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