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May 13th 2019 at 5:50:57 PM •••

Potential Trope/archetype misuse? I would like for some feedback on Goku, Lelouch, and the characters from Death Note mentioned in that entry before I make any changes myself. While I appreciate whoever provided certain context for explaining how Goku differs from the conventional hero (e.g. Only being interested in taking on new challenges rather than concern for the well being of innocents harmed by villains\' schemes), but I am not sure that would qualify him specifically as a 90s Anti-hero. While that quality of Goku\'s character might make him selfish, but he also isn\'t going to let bystanders get harmed and especially not deliberately endanger people who are in the cross hairs of a battle if they impede an opportunity to land an attack. That is why I would challenge classifying Goku as a 90s Anti hero.

As for Lelouch and the Death Note characters, I haven\'t read/watched those series, but from what I can tell second hand is that they appear to be a bit more nuanced. While they are certainly morally gray and thus not exactly \"good guys\", however while Jack Bauer is also morally gray, but he was determined by the main 90s AH article discussion to not qualify as one. Thus I believe the same challenge can be made of the aforementioned anime/manga characters.

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