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Apr 25th 2011 at 10:17:17 AM •••

My name Is O meagan Ann Dillon, I have an extreme story in fact a Nightmare resume in a way,A Nightmare reality in fact, The worst case of child abuse in history, I am in fact In need of help I am being stalked by one given Cyuana Yuen or cheun yuan he is in fact telling me as a voice from the sky that he is willing to scissor me to death for fun,I am in afct teh Disney Baby girl,baby boy,girl,boy,man,woman, In time I wish to tell my entire story I am In fact the truth and honetsy the only real truth and honetsy from the beggining of time until the end of time, I seek your authority to in time work on telling my lifestory as a resume , I need to be brought to safety first and to ahve yoru permission,acceptance,I have numerous connections but I do not know how to connect to them, i am literally living with Sex,Drugs and Rock N Roll as the number one superstar being the girl, I am known to the races as "Broke as a joke", I am also a Nun as the Superstar a Bad Girl, Nun Tutti Fruity to 70% ruby red bad, I have so much stuff but for today I need an in and an out, Can you please find a xconnection to the Disney outlet or the top one hundred names in the room,I am in fact affiliated naturally to all the agme systems,I need a limosine or a live connection to the hotel Vancouver would work perfect, I need it immediately, I wish always from their I can pay you with my life story It is very sad but real and has alot of stuff in it, The bottom line is you might be my only hope saving the princess from being scissored to death slowly or quickly however this sick or just stupid man is willing to sadly do to the parents of the afirytales plus teh child adult plus the abbies of nightmares as well as teh worst ebst kid in history, teh nicest person of the huamn race from the beggining of time until the end of time the meanest person from the beggining of time until the end of time, My school grades are the ebst you can get but they are in fact ruined legally by one Oprah Winfrey apparantly she is telling teh entire race lies all day long alone without any friendsa at thsi point she is finally wiling to share her cash with anyone whom shye might be able to con out of my life some more, I believe the problem is "The broke as a joek " Oprha but how to be certain, She claims to be my bets friend but then sells taht bets friends are for hruting not teh truth to me in my heart I know taht orphaned from birth I am a mess outside, i require some assistance, I can be located at 2155 Triumph street Vancouver British Columbia V 6 L 1 C 1 or again a live connect to establish a safe meeting place immediately to get to a real safe place with a computer to begin my first attept at a resume different from any other resume in histoy I will hopefully walk away form thsi mess saved as "The real and only adult child baby of Fairytales,Nightmares and reality,Please hurry befor it is to late all the antural talent I ahve is going to be wasted for no good reason.