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Feb 16th 2013 at 3:40:39 AM •••

The book of Maccabees isn't really in the Bible. It is apocryphal For a reason.It's history but it's not the Bible.

And turning the other cheek, well you could do that, I don't want to say that we oughtn't to do it, but that may have simply being in relation to the specific cultural ritual which included using the back of the look of a specific hand in order to backhand your slave. If you used your open palm to slap your slave, or a fist, or you used your right hand, or in any other way struck the slave that was a crime and you would be shamed and prosecuted. If your slave did not stand up Stockstill ramrod straight in public in front of you and submissively allow you to do this to him, if he stepped back or flinched or behaved in in any other way other than standing ramrod straight like a soldier to take the blow, then you would be shamed you would be publicly humiliated. It was a cultural ritual in relation to slavery connected. Turning on the cheek tells everyone in the immediate vicinity if this man is an abusive master that hits you all the time and that you're willing to take because you're such a good person. It shims him and of course in public he can't slap you with his open hand because that would mean that you're his equal. He cannot continue to abuse you unless he Recognizes that you are an equal to him.

So Jesus said "turn to him the other also"

So I don't know if Jesus wants us to always be pacifists or if he simply wanted us to make use of an oppressive and abusive system to destroy the abusive system., because there was institutionalized slavery and Roman forced marches - going extra mile was actually because Roman soldiers could forcibly recruit you to carry their heavy pack for a one-mile march out of the city - by Roman law. So going extra mile man that you, by being a "nice person" actually humiliate the Roman soldier who's oppressing you and forcing you to do is hold these difficult things, also making you lose the whole days wages which would mean that your family is hungry for a week, and you get him in trouble because he wasn't allowed to let you carry it for more than one mile. And if he forcibly took the pack off of you, that means that he's roughing you up and he might get in trouble further.

I just recently learned about this and all this history, but whether Jesus wants us to be actual pacifists or technical pacifists I don't know, after all he's the same as he was in the Old Testament as he is in the New Testament except in the New Testament we just don't have to follow law we to be saved, it's believing in Him That we have our sins forgiven because of what he did, not because we sacrifice a lamb or goat or an ox.

So just weigh what I say.

Dec 23rd 2012 at 7:29:33 AM •••

This article needs to be rewritten. At the moment it is dismissive (like Kage Nara says above) and somewhat mean-spirited.

Sep 6th 2012 at 2:49:00 PM •••

It's obvious the creator is extremely dismissive of these acts as he/she cannot grasp being brave enough to do this, as he/she is most likely someone who doesn't have the level of control to not lash out, or is to prideful to accept insults.

This is made plain when it is insisted that the suicidal pacifist is Too Dumb to Live and that the reason's against this thought process is obvious.

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