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Sep 19th 2012 at 8:05:36 PM •••

Can the trope apply to beings that the viewer considers to be transhuman when the beings themselves to be human, usually by rejecting the diacotomy. Like a 'mutant' in X-Men who categorically rejects the notion that 'Humans' and 'Mutants' are catagorcially different and therefore calls themselves human and can support things like the Mutant registration Act because of the dangers untreated and unscrupulous super powered humans pose to the common humanity, like Apocalypse (and resents being caught in the middle of the mutant right/friend of humanity crap when they are a human that others label as a mutant and approaches the conflict from an old school human rights perspective?)

Or what of vampires that categorically consider themselves to be undead humans, because the measure of a human being is the human psyche and soul, both of which they still possess. As such, they are part of humanity even in death, and the interests of humanity are ultimately their interests too. They are not benevolent supers, they are responsible citizens.

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Sep 19th 2012 at 9:38:07 PM •••

That's a pretty good description of exactly what a Pro-Human Transhuman would act like. A character can acknowledge that humans and mutants are different (one is born with powers) while rejecting that that makes one naturally superior or inferior to the other.

There's room for different ways this trope can play out too as well, some PHTH might not view both species as equal, but acknowledge they both deserve respect / the right to live etc.

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