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Oct 24th 2018 at 11:44:41 AM •••

Does Adam\'s Morpher from the Power Rangers Lost in Space episode \"Always A Chance\" count as this trope?

At the time of the series, Adam had resigned from ranger duties as of MMPR Season 3, and came back to help Carlos with a monster. He pulls out his old morpher, which is heavily damaged, and Alpha says not to use it since it might be unstable.

Later on, during the last fight of the episode, Adam decides to use the morpher, which is still functional (yet not able to function 100%, as he phases in and out of morphed form throughout the fight).

I know nine years later he returns in Operation Overdrive with a fully functional and rebuilt morpher, but it\'s just something I noticed.

Mar 24th 2014 at 6:02:45 PM •••

The Minecraft bedrock example states that bedrock is absolutely indestructible. This is not true, as approximately 285 blocks of TNT going off, in the closest range possible for TNT to get to it, simultaneously, is enough to destroy one block, but no more. God knows what it would take for a longer range. Granted, it still belongs here, as that amount would beyond inconveniently time consuming to legitimately acquire. Not even mentioning that it's (likely; updates are making this potentially possible someday) impossible to get all 285 to go off at once, right on top of one block. It's awesome, but impractical. Here's the actual math, for nerds: 285 times 5 (amount of gunpowder required to make one block of TNT) is 1,425 gunpowder. That means one would more than likely have to kill 2,850 creepers (there is no guarantee that mobs will drop their loot, so we'll assume that they have a 1/2 chance to drop one gunpowder, which is being generous) to get enough tnt to destroy a single block. Still worth it?

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Jan 26th 2014 at 8:21:42 AM •••

Should the real life examples get merged in with Tonka Tough? I mean that's pretty much why that page exists in the first place; The Tonka Tough page points out that fictional examples go on Made Of Indestructium and vice versa. It might make more sense to keep the two seperate...

Nov 11th 2013 at 6:44:13 PM •••

I just needed to say that the description of Captain America's shield as "It's probably even MORE indestructible now." is an entirely plausible sentence for a comic hero's trademark gear.

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