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Jan 25th 2018 at 11:56:37 AM •••

Children growing in cabbage is very old. In the Netherlands more popular than the stork. First written source in 1644. Parents went to a cabbage field to choose a baby. (Which implies: “you are so lucky we chose you”).

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Jan 25th 2018 at 11:34:17 AM •••

The story that storks brings the babies originated in Germany in the Middle Ages. The storks found the babies in swamps. Hans Christian Andersen from Denmark wrote a story why storks did that (1842). In the Netherlands the baby-bringing-stork was introduced in 1909 bij Queen Wilhelmina, who was married to a German.

Jun 17th 2013 at 12:53:22 PM •••

While this troper always knew that babies grew inside mommies' wombs, she was also told that the whole stork legend involved "the stork brings the babies from Paris".

Mar 7th 2010 at 8:52:37 PM •••

Azaram: The 'Monty Python Meaning of Life' is a bit off; the stork does drop the bundle down the chimney, but it falls out of Terry Jones's skirt. Can't really figure out how to reword it well enough, so tossing it here so someone else can...