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Dec 10th 2013 at 9:08:10 PM •••

What about Dragon Ageís Loghain, and Fable 3ís Logan?

Iím not 100% on this. That's why Iím asking.

Aug 17th 2012 at 3:22:59 PM •••

Removed Danzou. Yes, he has sympathetic traits and is, to an extent, The Woobie, but he is also far, far worse than pretty much everyone else on this page by some margin, and he was actually involved in some pretty serious evil plots- up to and including mass murder- that indirectly helped create several villains on the show. And while most examples of this trope don't treat their subordinates well, hardly any see children as weapons to be brainwashed and sent to their deaths in the name of the Greater Good. His Death Equals Redemption moment is also undermined by subsequent flashbacks that remind us just how much of a Jerkass he really was, and it is implied that a big part of his behaviour is driven by personal insecurity and a desire to prove himself, which puts a pretty bad spin on his Well-Intentioned Extremist job.

When Captain Jellico teams up with a psychotic mass murderer to perform gruesome human experiments in a plot to gain superpowers, or actively plots to coup the sitting government or doesn't hesitate to manipulate a 13 year old into massacring his entire family...get back to me. Even if cold-hard pragmatism dictates that he had a point, that doesn't quite make him this trope, especially since most of his policies actually backfired spectacularly and Itachi himself eventually decided that he and Danzou had been too extreme.

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