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Jan 17th 2017 at 12:40:20 PM •••

Curiosity: I don't have the Carmen Sandiego;s Great Chase Through Time game available today, but vaguely remember it, and that section with the kimonos sounds a lot like an attempt to translate Confucian rule, which believed that the realm's prosperity derived from the rulership's proper attitude, which in turn derived from doing all the little parts of living absolutely properly - at its extreme point you could indeed be considered almost criminally deranged from mismatching your clothes and room, or eating the wrong food for your clothes and room, or meditating on the wrong poetry at the wrong hour of the day or month of the year... it's still poorly explained, contrived, and arguably misplaced/timed. Also, I believe the most extreme examples of that philosophy were to be found in China rather than Japan. Where was that point in the game set?

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