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Jul 8th 2019 at 1:48:05 PM •••

The amount of plot holes in the Ninetails part of the game is staggering!

a. Why disguise as Rao to gain the trust of the people if you cant even get inside Himiko\'s castle with the barrier and have absolutely no way to get the fox rods back from the Water Dragon? did she somehow know about Amaterasu\'s coming years before she arrived?

b. Why try to get Ammy eaten by the Water Dragon if you need her to get the Fox Rods? Could you just have asked Ammy to get purposefully eaten like Otohime later asked?

c. Just what will Himiko do if she finds the island? Why is it such a big dea if she finds it, why go through so much trouble to kill her Ninetailsl? the barrier around the island can only be broken by a Water Dragon. And she didnt know before that Otohime can do it so......

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