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Jan 11th 2012 at 7:52:02 AM •••

still a newb' I wonder if any troper troopers have noted this meta:

the Nightmare On Elm Street tv series ("Freddy's Nightmares") was shot in studios also used by many spammy late night infomercials - which must have been renting them after hours on the cheap - as the persistant blood-red mood- lighting of the Nightmare sets remained in place, brooding overhead in the infomercials - providing a very creepy and subliminal ambience ... (sometimes most apt to evoke Nightmare Fuel from a cheezy hardsell's product, of course) - Given the general Reality-warped, often multi-media -invasive surreal horror of the show's sub-genre and styling / scripts, this almost seemed deliberate on some implicit level ... The dark charisma of a Freddy - haunted network, eh?

Anyone just now feeling the Fridge Horror chill catch up to them ?


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