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Jul 1st 2014 at 8:05:46 AM •••

Should this be in the franchise namespace?

Oct 23rd 2011 at 6:45:36 PM •••

I'm posting this here because I don't know where else to put it. If I don't get a response in a few days, I'll just start looking around.

As my name suggests, I'm a freelance editor. I spend my free time editing short story collections involving various authors, and I'd like to engage in a side-project.

Now, I REALLY like the Fear Mythos- it's much better than a mythos just involving ol' slendy, and the Fears themselves are great, especially Archangel, the Plague Doctor and the Convocation. Liking the mythos so much, being an editor and putting up a topic called "An Anthology Request", you can probably see where I'm going with this.

I want to make a collection of fiction involving the Fear Mythos, and I'd like to do it with writers who are already experienced with them. The anthology would accept stories or poems of any length shorter than a novel, strive to include as many of the Fears as possible, and would be priced from free to 99 cents on Smashwords. Rights would revert back to authors, reprints would be allowed, and everything would be groovy.

I'd like your permission, though. If this is too commercial or goes against the Mythos, I'll kindly rescind the offer.

Thank you for your time.

Oct 25th 2011 at 5:22:35 PM •••

We've seen your request, but our decision is pending. I'll get back to you.

Nov 6th 2011 at 5:20:17 PM •••

I don't wish to appear impatient, but I've noticed that two weeks have passed since the initial offer. The offer will stand until it is accepted or rejected, but it does seem (at least from my limited perspective on the matter) that this decision is rather difficult to reach. If there is any point of confusion I may clarify or any terms which need be negotiated, Id be more than happy to explain or otherwise assist. If my assistance in these matters is not necessary or else is simply unwanted, kindly disregard this message.

Regardless of your final decision, I thank you for this period of consideration.

Nov 8th 2011 at 7:56:08 PM •••

Freelance Editor: I think, if we were to make an anthology, we would want to do it ourselves and make it ourselves, rather than go through a third-party. Thank you for the offer anyway.

Feb 17th 2013 at 11:07:49 AM •••

Ummmm.... The music links are rubbish.

Sep 5th 2011 at 12:08:57 PM •••

I think that the archangel and the eye should swap fears. Allow me to clarify: I think that the eye should be the fear of being watched. I mean, it's an eye. Eyes watch. I think it fits the eye better. it me, or does the Archangel have inquisition-esque vibes? I mean, he represents religion. Maybe we can get him to dislike 'sinning' and all that. I just thought that they would work better this way. Please consider my suggestion.

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