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Mar 19th 2018 at 11:50:32 PM •••

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery has been added and needs to be expanded (plot, characters etc).

Mar 13th 2018 at 8:01:14 PM •••

Shouldn't this page be renamed "JK Rowling's Wizarding World"?

Jan 23rd 2012 at 3:53:32 PM •••

Don't know. What I want to know is why people don't realize that the books suppose in the 1990s. I mean this is how I view it: C-1100 Hogwarts is founded

1492-Sir Nichloas is behead

1881 Dumbldore is born

1892 Dumbledore is accepted into the school (unless he has excellent skills of Quiditch like it people believe and was let in the year before)

1899 does Newts/had to quit school to look after Adrina. Becomes friends with Griwenwald, Adrina is killed

later on in the 1900s Dumbledore becomes teacher at Hogwarts

1925- Tom Riddle Jr. is convinced. Dec 31st 1926 Tom Riddle Jr. is born

1938- Dumbledore visits Tom Riddle Jr in the orphange to tell him he's a wizard

1942- Tom Riddle Jr kills his Muggle father, grandparents during the summer.. goes back to school opens the Chamber of Secerts,

June 13th 1943-frames Hagrid for the death of Myrtle

Dumbledore becomes Headmaster

1950-Arthur Weasly and Molly Prewett are born

1960s the above go to school and the Maruders and Lily Evans are born (Was Peutina born in 1959?)

1970s the Maruders, Lilly, and Severus attend school (Bill Weasly is Born)

1978=Lilly and James marry

1979-Harry and Neville are convinced and Twrewanly does the phropchery (Snape over hears part of it)

1980-Harry and Neville are born in July

Halloween 1981-parents are killed and Harry surives by attack by Lord Voldmort.

Nov 1st-Albus, Minvera and Rubeus meet in front of the Dursley's

Nov 2. Peutina founds baby Harry on the door step.

1991-Harry attends 1st at school June 1992-deafts Voldy for the 1st time

1992-goes back to school depiste house elf, has a stalker named Colin Creevy Halloween he goes to Nick's Death-day party, Chamber of Secerts is open again

june 1993-defeats a memory of Voldie's

Fall of 1993-goes back to school. june 1994-finds the truth and defeat the dementors... and does a bit of time-traveling too with Hermione

Fall of 1994-goes back to school, enters (unwillingly) the Trizward Tourment, Ron doesn't believe him until after the 1st task.

June 1995 faces Voldie (no expect Dumbledore, Ron, Hermione, Ron's family, Sirus) belive him. Cedric dies

Fall 1995-have to face bad press for the entire year.. creates DA with help from H Ermione, goes back to school

June 1996-Sirus dies,

fall 1996-goes back to school..learn V Oldie's past and about Horcuxes, find out who the "Half-Blood Prince" is who writen in his text book

spring 1997-hides textbook in ROM

June-gets horcux with Dumbledore, Dumbledore is killed

July 28th 1997-Harry leaves Privet Drive for the last time.

Augst 1997-sees Bill and Fleur's wedding- (he and his buddies) have to make a run for it when the Ministry of Magic falls to Voldie.

May/June 1998-Voldie falls..for good.

19 years later Harry is marry to Ginny Hermione to Ron George to fellow Grynfindor quiditch player Neville is married to Hannah (and they live in the Leaky Caludron) Luna is marry to a non-character.

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