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Aug 18th 2011 at 6:13:50 AM •••

While clearing up the fanfic recs I came across this:

* The Real Ghostbusters in Christmas-slime is Here Again'' by Prime Evil. It's available on (Link), but the author can't be rat-arsed to provide a more precise link. The story takes place between [[Ghostbusters Ghostbusters II]] and the Video Game, and revolves around the attempts of Ghost Wizard Voltar's attempt to take over the world by capturing the Spirit of Christmas and turning her into a demon. Ho-hum, boring schmaltzy Christmas fare, right?

Well...What makes this one unique is that it's done with prose and photographs, with Real Ghostbusters figurines (that's all the author had—the Matty Collector stuff hadn't come out yet), miniature props, and printed sets. It will be finished, one day, when the author finally figures out how to work GIMP and run through whatever effects couldn't be done live. A Power Point presentation was also made, to variable results (audio files keep getting mixed up). Readers have also praised the joke-light story for its characterization (Peter's his usual snarky self; Janine makes goo-goo eyes at a hilariously-dense Egon; Louis always misses the ECTO-1A as it rolls out on a bust) and also for the sheer density and quality of jokes (where else can you find references to Helen Hooven Santmyer's "...And Ladies of the Club" and the "Magic by Mr. Creepy" magic set in the same story?). Not canon in the slightest, so readers can dismiss it with a free conscience.

Special note to readers who find it: Be on the lookout for Power Rangers villain Ivan Ooze as Voltar and James Bond Jr.'s I.Q. as Janosz!''

This is either an author self promoting, or an unsigned review. It's so badly formatted I'm not sure which though. If anyone wants to re-add with a signed rec, please feel free but remember to use the correct format as per the main fanfic recs index.

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