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Nov 13th 2017 at 5:38:46 PM •••

  • Informed Ability: Throughout the series Mai is generally placed on a pretty high pedistal. Being the only other female duelist aside from Rebecca or Tea, both of which have both won a duel or two. Mai's track record however is not very impressive as her only on screen victories were against a filler character and a rematch against Joey in season 4. Even then Joey was physically drained due to prior duel with Valon and only lost due to his inability to stand.

I questioned in the "Is this an example" page. To be more exact, i questioned about Informed Ability: "The description mentions that "Are they combat experts? Have them take the fight to their opponents whenever they can and gain the upper hand." This means that if a character gains a blatant advantage in a combat about their opponents, their combat expertise is not informed, gaining or losing?"

The answer was: "I don't think you should take every example written in the description down the slippery slope as far as you can within the literal definition of the text. The spirit of Informed Ability is that a character never actually shows she has the ability she's described to have.

If she's a combat expert, then she should show that expertise one way or another. Taking advantage of a situation may or may not count against the trope, depending on how it's done. Sometimes you need to be an expert to see where the advantage lies, how to (ab)use it, or to get the advantage in the first place. If you can argue that the action demonstrates some kind of expertise, it's not an example of Informed Ability."

Considering that at least part of the difficulty of her duels is because of her strategies, i guess she not fits.

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