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Jan 5th 2019 at 3:38:29 PM •••

I feel like we should split the page into groups of enemies (Heartless, Nobodies, etc.) due to the sheer size of it. (It\'s not too big for the site to handle, but it\'s still big.) Thoughts?

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Jan 27th 2019 at 7:24:43 PM •••

With Kingdom Hearts III coming out in a few days, I think splitting the page would be a good idea.

Apr 25th 2019 at 7:03:21 PM •••

I am getting the Big Red Warning now. The site is telling us to split the page. And if that is what the site wants, that is what we must do.

Oct 3rd 2016 at 10:13:09 PM •••

Pulled misuse of Distaff Counterpart from various Nobody and Unversed entries.

Creepers: A small enemy that attacks at close range and can become invincible by flattening itself along the ground, similar to Shadows.
Dusk: To Neoshadows. Both have a more humanoid appearance than their weaker counterparts and a tendency to use aerial attacks.
Berserker: To the Lance Soldier, which also gets dragged around by its weapon.
Flood: They are the Shadow equivalent enemy within the Unversed ranks. Unlike others though, they are nearly direct copies, the only difference being their design and noises.
Scrapper: To the Soldier Heartless, being short humanoids with claws. The main difference is that Scrappers are more focused in their attack.
Bruiser and Buckle Bruiser: To Large Body Heartless, being a tougher, fatter brute mook. Buckle Bruisers are similar to Fat Bandits in that they are a spin on and already-existing enemy.

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