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Apr 17th 2020 at 2:27:42 PM •••


  • Berserk Button: It's always dangerous to disparage the Irish and the Catholics around Stephen, who is both. He doesn't mind when Jack occasionally puts his foot in his mouth with anti-Catholic sentiment, though, since he knows Jack never does it intentionally, and he always apologizes for it.
    • Stephen also harbors an especial hatred for informers, especially due to his own background as an ex-revolutionary in the '98 Irish Uprising, where friend after friend were betrayed and arrested. This causes not a few hard choices for him as a spy and as a ship's officer.

Misuse of Berserk Button. Some other trope from Anger Tropes might apply though.

Berserk Button is about something relatively insignificant, like chewing gum or incorrect pronunciation, that sets one off and they are absolutely furious.

Getting angry over personal insults about one's nationality/religioun or people responsible for death/arresting of his friends is not this trope.

Wrong Example Indentaion.

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